Omad Vegan Diet - How to Eat Vegan One Meal a Day

Great article. This looks like a very strict vegan diet. I've heard of vegan diets where you are allowed to eat eggs. I would be a bit worried about combining this diet with OMAD. It's so easy to completely under eat. I also don't think speaking from a personal view point I would be able to maintain OMAD on this. I think I would get hungry. For me proteins are essential to OMAD. In my opinion they keep me full and enable me to stay 24 hours without a meal.
Nice article. But I agree with @jaymish, eating only veggies during OMAD diet might not be possible for me. We need protein and some heavy foods for us to do the one meal a day diet program. Eating only veggies will make me hungry. It will be more effective if I will put some meat and carbs together with veggies if I am going to do the OMAD diet program.
Well You Could Buy a Cheap Vegetables And Meat And Grilled The Meat and Start Slicing Some Lettuce and Tomatoes Then Start Grilling Them And I Start Doing it I lost 5 Pounds in 1 Week With Eating only it Probably i Ate Vegetables Salad in Lunch and For The Dinner i Ate Steam Broccoli And Banana.
I usually eat more beans and other plant-based protein to sustain me for the day especially that I'm working out. It's possible to be vegan on OMAD diet but it takes time and consistency to achieve this.
It's double hard, imagine not just switching from a regular diet to OMAD one, but also stopping to eat meat and fish and switch to vegetables. I think it's should be done step by step.
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