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Hi Everyone! I have been lurking here for a couple of weeks and finally decided to introduce myself. I am a 46 year old female, married, mom to 3 boys (15 year old twins and a 13 year old) who works full-time.

I grew up very athletic. Softball, tennis, horseback riding, basketball... you name it - I did it. I attended college on a fastpitch softball scholarship and continued to play softball until I was 30 and pregnant with twins. I was very fit and lean. My lowest adult weight was 125. Around age 25 to 26, something changed in my body. I would run 5 miles a day and eat healthy - but I started gaining weight. A lot of weight. The weight just piled on. I would see doctors and they would say "You just need to eat less" or "You need to workout more." Of course, depression followed as I just could not figure out what was going on. And then overeating began as it comforted me.
Then I had twins. More weight. Then I had another little cutie. Even more weight. My weight ballooned to over 270. I finally found a doctor that would listen to me. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease, Insulin Resistance, PCOS, High BP and Metabolic Syndrome. Most of my thyroid was removed due to a cancer scare which (thank you Jesus!) was not cancer. But now I will be on meds the rest of my life. My highest weight was 292.
I have tried for years to lose weight with many, many yo-yo diets. Up and down I have gone. I have been recently reading more and more about fasting and the positive affect it has on my thyroid and insulin resistance issues. I really want to get a handle on these things. These readings led me to information about autophagy and OMAD. The more I have read about OMAD, the more I realized that is basically what I do naturally. I am normally not hungry until 2ish anyway.
My coworkers have always thought I was weird when I would announce at 3pm "going to lunch!" lol I have never eaten breakfast. I would just start at 2pm or 3pm and binge eat. I was very excited to read the information about OMAD and how fasting works to heal our bodies. So I jumped right in. I have only been doing this a few days but so far I have really loved this way of eating - and my body feels so much better! I have more energy, I am no longer tired and lethargic, I feel more alert and clear-minded - I love it.
Today is Day 7 of OMAD for me. I eat my meal at dinner. Day 1 my SW was 271. Today my weight was 262. I am very excited about this progress! I know it won't be like this everyday but I'll take every bit of positive progress I can get. It has been somewhat easy thus far so that makes me worry a bit. I am SURE I will hit a time of struggling. Which is what led me to your boards. I was looking for a place of support and encouragement for those tough times. I am excited to be here and look forward to getting to know all of you! :)
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Jimmy Swartz

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@HalfGEEK Welcome to the community! Thank you for telling your story. It's stories like yours that encourage others to make a change as well. You mentioned autophagy. In my opinion, autophagy is one of the most exciting benefits of intermittent fasting. I talk about it extensively in my book. The exciting thing about autophagy is that it is still a fairly new discovery and that there are probably many more benefits it gives that we have not discovered yet. I am also excited to hear about your progress on Day 7! Great Job! I can tell you have the right attitude to be successful in achieving your goals. I hope that you find this website and community to be resourceful and supportive in your journey and we couldn't be happier to have you.
We are happy to have you @HalfGEEK! Congrats on your progress! You are correct in eventually hitting struggling times. I went through my first 5 days and was thinking "this isn't too bad". But, then everything hit me at once. I really really struggled and eventually fell off the wagon. I had to restart, but because of this experience I was better prepared for what I was going to be facing the next time around. Omad does work and no matter what, always remember that you CAN do it and lose the weight.
Thank you everyone for the very warm welcome!

Jimmy - Thank you so much! I am really excited to be here and to have found your forums. Thank you so much for all the great info you put out here. It has been so very helpful at getting me started on the right foot and encourage me.

Jamie - Yes! The struggles are coming - I know. I think old habits are what will be the hardest. For instance, this morning my child handed me a part of his pop tart. I ALMOST ate it and then I remembered "Wait! I am not doing this anymore. I am OMADing. I can't ruin my fast!" It was kind of scary, though, realizing how quickly and easily I almost popped that in my mouth without even thinking about it. Those are the habits that are going to be the hardest to break. Thank you for your kind words. :)

Charlotte - Thank you! I really appreciate the support. :)
Welcome to the forum, @HalfGEEK , and it sounds like you are doing just fine. Old habits do not change overnight, at least mine don’t, and I have to keep working at them to try and do better. Definitely not perfect at this yet, but it is a way of life for me now, and one that I am committed to. No matter if I don’t get it right one day, I just keep on doing it the next day all over again, the right way.