OMAD Diet Complete Guide

I am curious about this Omad diet because I started to have my own diet plan just a week ago, actually its my 10th day now. Is it right to remove rice in my daily meal? What are the best alternatives of rice? Because as of now I only eat banana as my carbohydrates, I also remove meat in my daily meal, I replace it with egg instead. In just 10 days I lost 5 pounds without any exercise routine. I hope OMAD DIET can give more ideas to improve my diet plan.
Welcome to the OMAD forum, @mirodge ! Are you already doing some form of intermittant fasting in your diet, or just cutting out carbs ? It sounds like whatever you are doing is working for you.
If you are already eating low carb foods, then what I have found (and others here recommend as well) is to start intermittant fasting and stop eating one meal, so that you will fast overnight. Once you are comfortable with fasting overnight and not having a late dinner meal, then you can skip breakfast, and this will leave you with one meal somewhere in the middle of the day, which is the basic premise of OMAD.
Look on the main website, and Jimmy has put all kinds of helpful information in his blog, plus he also has a book that explains everything and a recipe book as well, if you would like some good recipe ideas.
Thank you Ms Happyflowerlady, I am glad hearing tips from you. I hope this tips from you could help me more to improve my diet plan. It means a lot to me.