Niacin without flushing

I just started taking Niacin 500MG tablets, but I get the dreaded flushing nearly every time I take it. I found out that they make flushing-free niacin, and was wondering what is the better of the two? Is it safe to take either or? I just don't want to deal with the niacin flush. It bugs me so much.

Suggestions are welcomed! :)
They make flushing free niacin. It basically digests the pill slower so that flushing isn't a problem. Just search niacin no flush or flushing free and you should find a lot of options.
There are two things that I know about that can help. First thing is to start with a much lower dose, even 100 mg might be a good place to start. Then, as your body gets the niacin it needs the flushing will stop and you can take the 100mg twice a day, and slowly work up to taking the whole 500mg.
The second thing that helps me, is to always take niacin after a meal, so it is digested slowly , along with food.
Taking niacin on an empty stomach will increase the flushing.

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