Newbie here with a few questions

I have seen this referred to as the 1 in 4 diet. does that mean that I fast for 23 hours and I get to pick 1 hour out of 4 consecutive hours in which to eat ?
Can I have sweetened coffee or ice cream during the 1 hour ?

For me, I eat for 1 hour (dinner) every night at generally the same time. I also don't restrict what I eat. Sweetened coffee... Sure. But hey, that's just me.
I Don't know anything about 1 in 4 but it's very simply 23 hours fasting and up to one hour eating once a day. which for best results you would want to stick to around that same time every day. I myself eat right when i get up because it gives my body all day to digest that meal and by the time i go to bed. i have an empty stomach. which is prime for healing and restoration during sleep. which is what your body is supposed to do while sleeping and not spending energy on digesting food in the stomach while you're asleep. Works wonders for muscle fatigue for those that are extreme exercisers as well since the body is completely focused on repair and not stomach digestion. Not to mention morning OMAD increases HGH levels quite high to boost exercise and weight loss results even more. With that being said. many people think morning OMAD is a bit to uncomfortable because it's harder to fall asleep at night on an empty stomach. which is absolutely true. But eventually if you power through you just get used to it. I myself transitioned directly into morning OMAD after doing a 20 day water fast. So, I suppose my body was already used to not having food for an extended amount of time. But still whatever time of day you choose is better than eating the unhealthy diet most people gorge themself on all day. your body will benefit much from it. just make sure your getting all your essential nutrients. maybe supplement your vitamin D and magnesium at the very very least. and if your not eating much beef than it would probably be a good idea to supplement vitamin B-12. unless you can find foods that are high in that.