New Here

Hi, I’m Sandy and I’m new here. Can someone explain to me why I need to pick a 4 hour eating window. I thought I had to consume my food in one hour.

Hi @Sandrabutton and welcome! The 4 hour eating window is for consistency. Chances are, because of your everyday schedule, you won't eat at the exact hour everyday. By having a 4 hour window, you keep your eating time around the same time. I believe this helps you maximize intermittent fasting.
Hi @Sandrabutton! What Jamie said is correct. It's all about being consistent when you eat your meal everyday. Think of it like this. If you eat your meal at 7 pm and then early in the morning the next day, you are only getting so many hours of a fast. But, if you eat at 4 pm today and then 5 pm tomorrow, you had a lot more hours of fasting. It's important to maintain a schedule for the best results.