Need help making OMAD Keto meal

Hello everyone
I have rather basic knowledge about nutrition so figuring out how to properly do such extreme diet on my own would be too difficult. Basically goal is to go OMAD Keto diet.
Main characteristics of me: I have no problem in being hungry for awhile, I can handle it, so if it wouldn't have some serious effects on my health and well being I would jump straight into it without wasting time. I weigh around 74kg and would say around 10% body fat, but my metabolism is extremely fast, I am eating around 4000calories a day to maintain this weight. I am in the gym frequently so I need a lot of protein in that one meal too. So basically is it possible to fill that many calories in one meal without overdosing on some high calorie low density food? Everything I found on the internet is some below 2k calorie "nonsense".
It should be just one same meal that I am gonna eat every day. Idc for variety and I don't care for taste at all so just tell me what and how much of it to eat and I am happy.
If anyone would help me make a complete meal I would be very thankful.
And if you only read this, thank you anyway
Protein, half your body weight in grams. You won't reach this with OMAD. You likely will need a whey supplement. 10% body fat is very low, so you are likely already pretty lean.
First, what is the goal you are aiming for? What is your current meal plan? Do you have a weight goal you want to reach? Where would you like to see the most improvements? Lifts? Endurance? Sculpting?
These are some things to think about and will better help narrow the vision to what your diet should look like.
There's plenty of keto friendly items you can get to help. But Keto is protein heavy so lots of chx, red meat, and fish. However, energy levels on a keto diet tend to be on the lower side due to the lack of carbs.
I don't want any improvements, I would like to maintain current strength and physique.
I only want eating to be more convinient. I hate food or should I say I hate eating so I wanna get rid of having to do it frequently. I also want more free time.
My current diet is freaquent meals woth a lots of proteins, fats and carbs. Only "healthy" whole foods, eggs, meat, oats, flax seeds, nuts, peanuts, almonds, etc. Also using whey
One thought would be more on the go keto. Packaged items such as beef jerky and mozzarella sticks will help you hit your protein goals mixed with your whey protein. There's, cheap, nutritious, and fast. Typically, you only get 2 out of 3. A steak and greens would be my meal on this diet. If you like tuna, packaged tuna and an egg would be a great start to your morning, snack on your jerky and cheese throughout the day, mix in your whey, and finish with Protein of choice and greens (microwavable bags are just fine) for dinner. All of this is very quick with the exception of cooking a steak.