My OMAD weight loss (and lifestyle) journey has begun

I've recently turned 60 (what a time to enter a new decade of life), and started my OMAD regime 4 days ago when I hit the scales at 250lbs! That's definitely me at my heaviest. It's because of lockdown, and my general malaise as a reaction to it. I've been pretty depressed by it. Closure of sports facilities has hit me hard, as swimming, badminton, golf etc is essential to keep my size under control.

The intermediate target (as always!) is 220lbs (100kg), but a truly healthy weight would be 200lbs for my 6'1" height.

In my fourth day, although hunger pangs come and go, I've stuck to the OMAD regime, but for a little milk in my morning coffee. I like to drink alcohol (wine and gin) nightly and that's something I need to address, but not to the point of abstinence.

Please do share your thoughts and encouragements. It's the first time I've written anything on-line that is health related, and I hope this sort-of going public will motivate me.
Don- good luck to you. You can do it. Avoid milk in the coffee, avoid the alcohol. These break the fast. The nice thing about Omad is you are fasting for 23 hours. Your body burns up the available sugars and glycogen within 10 hours, so then you're burning fat for 13 hours. Lots of water, unsweetened ice tea, and coffee. When you do "feed" avoid products with corn syrup (pop, juices). It really does get better after day 3.
Thanks for the encouragement Marko. That's 5 successful OMAD days so far. Just by preference it's a low carb approach as there are plenty of meat and salad options I can enjoy. It might not be easy in one way but it's easy in another. i.e. don't eat....... then eat.
That's 7 days done on OMAD. The first week was easier than I expected. I eat late in the day, and go to bed late.
EATING: I'm not eating anything exotic, just chicken and fish with salad or simple cooked vegetables and an omelette. Quite low carbs almost by accident. I like meat and eggs so that part is easy.
DRINKING: I still get through a litre of gin in four days, so that will need to be tackled at some point.
DAYTIME: A couple of coffees with milk, plus water seems to get me through the day. On the subject of 'going', I didn't take a crap yesterday, but I feel that will resolve itself shortly. For me one of the benefits of OMAD is fewer bathroom visits.
EXERCISE: Not much this week. So daily stretching and isometrics. When I went for a longer walk I really felt the hunger pangs.
With lockdown in Scotland limiting my activities, social life and temptations, I'm pretty sure I can continue with OMAD. Oh, how I wish I'd started doing it two months ago.

My weight is now 242lbs, with 8lbs lost this week.
Hello, I also started a few days ago, on July 14, I live in the Netherlands, and I am 56, (220 pounds) way too heavy for a 1.58 cm woman the last few days I did well, and stayed on track, it's easier for me now, i started this one meal a day a few years ago but couldn't keep up, but now i can and enjoy reading how everyone handles OMAD and i read all the tips i can use . My English is not very good, but I understand everything.
Hi Deesie, I hope you're feeling well and you're sticking with the plan. I'm 15 days in and so far so good. Keep us updated.
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I've completed 14 days of OMAD now. It's not been difficult with a currently restricted social life due to Covid, although this is beginning to change. I'm as much focussed on whether OMAD can be my future lifestyle as the immediate weight-loss plan. Hunger pangs in the morning are still very present but I feel less hungry as the day goes on, to the extent that I am in no hurry to break the fast when that time comes.
EATING: I've entirely stuck to the 1 hour eating window. One thing I have noticed is that I am likely to reach for additional items and eat beyond necessary if I don't feel satiated. A big bowl of salad is the key. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, bell peppers etc. I chop everything very fine and mix and that makes it tasty with a little dressing. A friend gave me some of her home grown potatoes which are so delicious, but I'm having to ration them as they are very easy to eat.
DRINKING: I'm beginning to cut back a little, although I had a very sociable night at friends and drank a lot. I found it quite easy to avoid eating any of the snacks on offer.
DAYTIME: Nothing but two coffees (black, now that the milk is gone) and water in a bottle with a squirt of lemon juice.
EXERCISE: Rather than driving, I'm on my bicycle wherever possible, including the three mile journey to the above social (that was just as well!) I think more cycling will help burn some calories.

My weight is now 238lbs, with 4lbs lost this week.
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I've completed 21 days of OMAD now. Everything is going well. I feel like I have a little more energy and focus. I realise that in the past I was obsessed with having food available, whereas now as long as I have something in the fridge to make that evening's meal I don't concern myself with it. I still buy too much with a weekly delivery.
EATING: Still sticking to the 1 hour eating window, but having to watch that I don't munch on more than is necessary, i.e. cheese and nuts while in front of the TV. The easiest thing is not to buy them again. I'm trying to eat more eggs instead. I guess the diet is low carb but that's pretty easy, and is generally gluten free apart from a random ingredient in a manufactured product.
DRINKING: I've cut back a little, but not much. (I have a sore head this morning). It definitely takes me out of the one hour window. That's for another time! Maybe next week.
DAYTIME: Nothing but two coffees and water in a bottle with a squirt of lemon juice. I'm waiting for some apple cider vinegar to arrive as that seems like a thing to do.
EXERCISE: Weather hasn't been good. Typical Scottish summer. But I'm cycling more and further with each week that passes. I can sense that a very active day will really help with the weight reduction if I hit a sticking patch. But so far everything is going in the right direction.

My weight is now 234lbs, with 4lbs lost this week. That's 16lbs in 3 weeks.
Just a quick update. I've been on OMAD for 7 weeks and apart from occasional TMAD have kept to the plan.
On the few days I felt very hungry I ate something before my eating window. However most days I don't feel the need. Even yesterday, I walked 12 miles without the need for any sustenance out of the norm.
Today I'm eating lunch out with friends. Normally I'll eat in the evening, and will no doubt want to, so I have a small salad ready which should do me. I have my routine blood test on Tuesday, so that will be interesting.
DAYTIME: I've gone down the usual bullet proof coffee, MCT oil and apple cider vinegar but most days I don't bother with it. I'm quite content with plain filtered coffee and water.
YOUTUBE: Keeping up with a few OMAD youtubers is a great source of motivation, along with the likes of Eric Berg.

My weigh is now 227lb, so that's a 23lb loss in 7 weeks.
However this has been the relatively easy stage, i.e. in my yo-yo zone. The next 4 weeks is the battle zone where I hope to get down into numbers I haven't seen in a long while.