my omad log

Steak and cheese sub followed by soft-serve ice cream! Ideal? No, but I was at a state fair, so fair food it was. Trust me, there were worse choices I was thinking about making.
1 can of 1.8 cups size soup
1 boost nutritional drink
Unmeasured amount of crushed strawberries from
frozen left to thaw
1 coffee with cream and sweetener

Unable to eat anything hard or solid
being endentulous so it's a little hard
to get alot in my omad as liquids
are so filling but I really want to do this
It is good that you now have something different than just the mug to eat out of, @pinkbell ! I can’t imagine how you can feed a family with only 2 mugs, but if they each hold 4 cups of food, then they must be really large mugs, and hold about the same amount of food as a plate would hold.
I am trying to picture a mug that large !
I only have to cook for and feed myself now so I don't need many dishes anymore.