My OMAD Dairy Entries...Comments are Welcomed!

D'oh! Sorry Sunny. I've been away for a week. I feel like I have failed in my cheerleader duties. I am very glad to see you still posting, even if things have been rough.

I am very tempted to launch into yet another plug for going keto with your OMAD. But I've done that a couple of times already and if I keep browbeating you, it is likely to be counter productive. Do let me know if you want more. I'll be happy to share some of my standard meal 'recipes'. They are utterly uninspired, but totally work with keto. They are also dirt cheap comparatively. I do suffer an advantage however compared to most people, I do not easily get bored of repetitive meals, eating the same few recipes in rotation every few days.


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I totally agree with you about the Keto, @Panpiper , and I think that is the best way to make the transition from regular meals into OMAD. Once a person is in ketosis and burning fat for fuel, you do not really get hungry, and your insulin stays low; so you just don’t think about eating like you do when burning sugar as fuel.
I do still have some carbs ; but since it is during the day, and I am active, I do burn them off better, and then go back into burning fat again.

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