My first OMAD journey

Hi everyone, I'm the new one :D

Briefly to me:
I am a 32 year old German woman who wants to lose weight (fat)
I started last week on thursday with 66,1 Kg, my goal is it to reach round about 55 Kg (I'm only 160 cm tall, that's not too less)

Since 3 years i follow a ketogenic diet. I feel werry well with it, but my body is not able to loos more fat with it. Dont know why.....
Now i hope to lose the last 10 Kg (20 pounds?) with OMAD. That's how I found this forum.

I would like to apologize for my bad English, I don't write much in English :)

In this thread I will write down my achieved goals, daily weight and so on.

Today 65,8 Kg
Eating window yesterday: 6 pm - 7 pm

Hope we have a goot time together.
Have a nice day
Weight journal
Date: Weight in Kg
02.07.20: 66,1
08.07.20: 65,8
09.07.20: 65,4
10.07.20 65,4
11.07.20 65,8
12.07.20 65,5
13.07.20 65,7
14.07.20 65,1
15:07:20 64,6
16.07.20 65,0
17.07.20 64,6
18.07.20 64,8
19.07.20 64,5
20.07.20 64,7
21.07.20 65,5
22.07.20 65,3
23.07.20 65,2
24.07.20 64,7
25.07.20 64,2
26.07.20 64,7
27.07.20 64,6
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