My 80+ Pound Weight Loss Journey

This is really inspiring and it will really help people like me on the journey to keep kicking knowing that I'm on the right diet,though I'm seen a bit of changes but I'm looking out for a major one like this,hopefully it will be in no time.I believe.
Thank you for inspiring a lot of people.
Thank you so much for sharing your story, you don't know what great impact it is for us who are also struggling to start or even continue what we have started. And congratulations for a job well done :)
As others have already said, this is absolutely inspiring. It's such an easy plan to follow once you get the hang of it - and I think so many other people could benefit if they just saw the video. Sharing this with people I know!!
Congratulations. OMG! You look like a completely different person as you talk in the video. Thanks for the prove that this way of eating really works(I don't want to call it a diet because that always involves restricting and that is not really the case. I have been overweight for all my life, I feel with OMAD I am finally in control of my weight. I feel I have found something that really works. I can loose weight when I need to and I can also maintain my weight.
Ow my gosh! You know what we are in the same boat as well. I am like you, I got frustrated everytime I woke up in the morning. I gained a lot of weight before and folks really teased me a lot that I lost my confidence. Now that I already lose weight, I don't want to get back were I use to be before.
Oh gosh!
Thanks for sharing this story, it's really motivating. I'm glad to hear other people's success stories. Makes me happy.

A human being can achieve almost anything, if they really want it.
So were you told often, that you're like an entirely different person now? :)