Mojos potato

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First step just wash the potato
Second step just boil the potato after you boiled third step you can cut the potato, after that you can prepare egg and stir the egg after you stir the egg just dip the potato then after you dip the potato to the egg you can now prepare a flour or a crispy fry then you can dip to the crispy fry and then its ready to cook, fry your Mojo's potato and serve to eat. The Mojo's potato is tasting good and it's healthy to your health, so guys just try it!
This is really great and easy recipe. I'm also doing this at home. I love potatoes. Also one recipe that I love is boiled potatoes with egg and tomato. Both healthy and yummy dishes. Kids also loved it.
Great receipe will be trying this out. I'm not a big potatoe fan because I concentrate on eating the low carb way because I feel better and I loose more weight. I will try to substitute the potatoe with eggplant/cauliflower/zucchini.I also would like to a substitute for flour. I will probably use almond/coconut/flax seed flour. Apart from that this is great receipe especially with the additional protein from the egg. This is something you can incorporate into your OMAD.
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