Medicine while on omad?

So I was talking with my brother who’s always been in really good shape and mentioning that I usually don’t even eat until at least noon or two because I have kids and live as a bit crazy. He said why not wait until five if you’re waiting till noon or two. That spawned a conversation that he and his wife have been doing one meal a day for years and since I was basically close to doing it anyway why not try it and then we had fun doing various fasts for days at a time and comparing notes.

I have a question or since a lot of medications are buffered with are coded in a sugary substance and he has stated that you don’t want even one little calorie when you’re outside your window of eating can I take simple Tylenol and ibuprofen or naproxen?

I’m in my mid-40s and pretty darn healthy I really don’t have any real issues just the occasional headache or backache.
I have heart medications that I HAVE to take , both morning and night, and they need food to make them digest and work properly.
Here is how I look at this situation.
While it is true that any tiny amount of food that you eat is going to have to be digested, and technically breaks a fast, it is not going to be a hinderence to either losing weight or being healthier.
You can choose a healthy food to have a few bites of with medicine, and something that does not spike insulin.
In other words, have a bite of cottage cheese and not half a doughnut with the meds.
OMAD is a way of life, and it should not stop us from taking medication that we need to take, we just have to do it in a sensible way, and not use that as an excuse to eat a full meal, or to not do OMAD .
I’m a pharmacist. I work in a hospital in our area. I would never recommend forgoing taking any medication for any reason. Especially If your on heart medication, or blood pressure meds, diabetic meds, or seizure meds including Parkinson’s meds. But if your on NSAID meds( ibuprofen, naproxen etc), if the doctor asked you to take those as needed, I would try to take them around a meal.
I often have just a bit of a whey protein bar or drink when I take my heart meds. It is not like eating a whole meal, but it puts something in my stomach besides just the medication.
I think you better ask your physician first about the schedule of your medications for some ailments. As for simple ibuprofen, you better take paracetamol instead because it could be taken on an empty stomach.
The initial question was not about taking prescribed medication, but whether it is okay to take a simple NSAID for a achy back. Since this is not something that is going to happen on any kind of a regular basis, and it is only the coating of the medicine that @Admiral Prawn is concerned about, there is really no reason to have to consult a doctor about whether it is okay to take 1-2 of them as needed, like they have always been doing.
The amount of sugar in the coating of a medication is so insignificant as to be immaterial in this situation.
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