Liquid only fasting (week or small period of time)

So I have been looking into doing more fasting, and was wondering if people have done any liquid only fasting? I want to try it, but idk if I can handle it. I don't plan to do it for too long, maybe a few days to a week maximum.

Any suggestions on how to start?
Oh for sure you can. I know some people who did liquid only. I should advise though, not to do this too often. You will still need sodium and other important stuff if you're just drinking liquid. You will need electrolytes as well. So keep that in mind.
My brother is currently doing that himself. He is currently drinking a lot of water and trying to get his daily intake of sodium, electrolytes and other key stuff he needs when he's not eating food. Right now he's going for 3 days in a row without food, and then he eats his meal on day 4 and then goes back to 3 days off.

It can be done, just make sure you're safe and can handle it.

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