LIFE fasting tracker app for this OMAD group.

We have had many people wondering about whether there is a good app for tracking your fasts each day for OMAD, and there are several available, depending on each person’s preference.
We also have a Facebook group for this website, and many people there are using a fasting tracker, so we now have an official group for both this forum and the facebook group, if you are looking for a fasting tracker.
This one is called LIFE , and they offer both the regular fasting tracker, as well as a new one that has just come out, called LIFE EXTEND. The Life Extend app not only incorporates the fasting tracker, but also other important things which we need to be aware of when we are trying to stay healthy.
You first need to go to App Store and download the free LIFE tasting tracker app and make an account there, and then you can join the circle for this website/group.

This is the link for the LIFE fasting tracker circle for this OMAD diet website and facebook group, just click on the link to join the group fasting circle:

I've been using the LIFE app to track my Intermittent Fasting. Join my fasting circle!
Some days I totally forget to either turn on the fasting app, or then I forget to turn it off the next day when I am eating. I discovered that if you do that, and leave it on too long, you have the option of deleting the whole fast, so it doesn’t look like you have fasted for 2 whole days instead of 2 one-day fasts.
I usually have my OMAD meal after we have been to the fitness center, and I have swam for an hour, and my mindset is on eating, and not on looking at a phone app of any kind.
When I do remember it (usually after eating), then I just modify the information for that day, so that it can show the actual amount of time I fasted before I had my meal.
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