Laughing helps promotes Weightloss

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Did you know that laughing can burn the same amount of calories as lifting weights? Laughing gives the body an aerobic exercise which causes a faster heartbeat that pumps more blood all throughout the body. Laughing also helps in toning your abs.
I agree that you lose some calories when you laugh but that is not substantial enough in terms of losing weight. But in fairness to laughing, you can lose 1 pound if you will watch a 2-hour movie that is so hilarious that you would be laughing from time to time. You will notice the sweat coming out of your body with the excessive laughing. However, one physician said that excessive laughing can take a toll on your heart. So there, you should not consider laughing as a means to lose weight.
Not just weightloss but it also exercises your facial muscles and lungs. We take in great amount of air when we laugh and that's good for our lungs. It also lowers our blood pressure because the happy mood releases serotonin which relieves muscle stress, and that incudes the muscles in our heart. So make it a point to watch bubblegang at least once a week a get ready to have a good and healthy laugh.
While it is always possible for people to lose some weights as long as they keep laughing often, I still don't think that it is going to make one lose a whole lot of weight that will make them become slim. Anyways, it is nice that we know this fact and can add it to our daily ways of losing weight.
Definitely yes my doctor said this once before laughing causes our heart to beat faster and sending large amounts of blood around our body I have a heart problem so my doctor recommend me watching some comedy movies or series. The same amount of calories could be work off through half an hour of weightlifting by almost three. quarters of an hour, base research found.
laughing can also assist in anyone that is looking at getting some good heart condition which is also definitely good. I have seen people that implemented that to have a healthy lifestyle.
I never knew this! I guess it's all the more reason to get together with friends and have a laugh, or watch something funny - I love comedy shows so this is a good excuse to indulge in them.
This is true! I have read so many blogs about it any truly laughing could help losing weight. Also it could enhance your health stability because of the good feeling that you feel whenever you are laughing taking you away from stress. It could also help those people with heart problems or insomia. As they said, laughter is the best medicine.
Yeah, aside from that, it also helps improve your mental state and is a great way to release stress, so your physical and mental health can be improved by laughing (genuinely).
I'm not so sure about weight loss. But it could be a contributing factor perhaps if coupled with other weight loss routine or diet or lifestyle in general. But I can never doubt that it has many health benefits. It's tested and proven through the years how it can help in our general well being.
I totally agree with you guys. There were times when I laugh so hard that I even felt muscle pain. It's like I exercised and my muscles are really working. Maybe that's why people say that laughter is the best medicine.
This is so true! I also get sweaty every time I had a good laugh. Having a good laugh also helps you to be mentally and emotionally healthy. Laughing really have all this benefits but if you're aiming for greater weight loss you need to have a better exercise or training. Also having a good balance diet will help you to achieve greater weight loss.
I read about the importance's while looking for simple ways of losing weight online and I have been laughing a lot when need be and I'm sure it has been adding to my weight really important to laugh because apart from weight loss,laughing can help reduce tension and stress which of course will relax our muscles and build our immune system for more stamina during exercises for weight loss.
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