Is it good to schedule everything?

I was wondering, would it be a good idea to schedule everything you do in a day? I feel it would make eating at the same time a lot easier, as well, with work and sleep habits.

I'm kind of all over the place, so a schedule would probably help me a lot more than just going for it. With that being said, should I schedule my meal midday or near the end?
If it helps with your diet and exercise, I can't see it hurting anything. If anything it will help you keep track of everything important. I would also recommend counting your total calorie intake as well, what food you eat during your daily meal.

Might make things easier to do as well.
Yeah, certainly can't hurt. I used to keep a food journal, which helped a lot. I even marked my daily workouts and logged my weight loss. I'm actually using a spreadsheet on my phone now to keep track.

I say go for it. If it helps you achieve more, then awesome!
It's so much easier to plan your meals ahead so that you won't waist time thinking right before you eat. You will also be able to prepare all the necessary ingredients and check what's missing.
Regarding when to eat, I think you should try both on separate day and choose what works better for your daily routine and what time gives you more benefit.
I think I'm going to start scheduling everything. I feel like it would make my life a bit easier and also more organized.
Yes,I have a question don't know if this the right site.I started omad about four wks.ago the twenty three hrs.on the fast and one off,I've weighed myself lost 2-3 that length of time is that ok for the time I been on omad.

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