Intermittent fasting

I feel like intermittent fasting is becoming more and more popular - so the OMAD diet plays right into that! The health benefits and impacts on weight are incredible, so it's not really a surprise to me that the profile of this way of eating is growing so much.
It is nice to know that there are different ways to do intermittent tasting. For someone who isn't into dieting, a One Meal A Day diet would be too hard for me. I think I'll go slow by trying the 16:8 method. I hope this would be the diet that would produce results for me. :)
Intermittent fasting has been God sales to me. I have found the solution to weight loss. Apart from OMAD which is one of the extreme forms of intermittent fasting, there is the 16-4 protocol, 18-6 protocol e.t.c. Even if you cant do OMAD you can choose the other less severe options where you will still get the same benefits of intermittent fasting like more energy, weight-loss, recovering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cancer e.t.c which intermittent fasting is said to aid in.
Intermittent fasting has been used widely for those who want to lose weight. I can positively say that it's effective and reliable. I started to do intermittent fasting 2 weeks ago and there is a significant change already on my weight. Some of my friends are also in this kind of strategy and all of them are saying high praises regarding this. I hope we'll be able to continue doing this.
I have tried intermittent fasting and actually its worth it. I was able to lose several kilos quickly. Some of you may be unaware of the benefits of intermittent fasting. For those people, let me provide a brief of this subject.

This method of losing weight is currently in trend. It not only help losing weight but also protects us from several diseases and extends our lifespan. In this kind of fasting, you restrict yourself to a time period of specific hours of eating and also specific hours of fasting. This is as simple as that!
For those, who are unable to skip meals, they can prefer to do workouts at the gym or at home.
I did intermittent diet last year and coupled it with exercise. I can attest that lost weigh fast. This kind of diet is effective for those who want to manage their weight. For me, I pursued OMAD diet because my health is my primary focus. Losing weight is now secondary for me. I want to balance my metabolism and OMAD is perfect for it.
I have been doing intermittent fasting long before discovering OMAD and it has really helped me to be disciplined with OMAD.l had loss weight with IF and it inculcated into me self discipline to do away with food some days and to avoid stuffing my system with so much calories which could bring heart diseases. IF is good for those that need to lose weight and be in good shape,one can gradually add OMAD to this to have a better result with weight loss.
funny story actually is that I did some intermittent fasting without knowing that I was doing it. Back in my college days I had such a tight schedule that I could eat at differing intervals. I have just had a flashback to remember the reason why body became so shapely back then.
I can relate completely to the given article! Intermitten fasting is one of the both most popular and fastest way to lose weight. You maintain one important factor, which is losing and burning more calories than you consume daily. That's the whole basic math in it. Oddly enough, I was doing it too once, without such deep knowledge of it, however.
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