Im confused and sad

For the past month I’ve been eating so much better and doing more physical activity, still not doing exercise every day tho, I’ve been taking metformin everyday and I have little to no appetite, everyone says I look so much thinner, but I measured myself and I actually gained a few cm from my waist and everything, I’m really sad and very confused
I'm not sure what the rules are on here about prescription advice. So, I'll just say. keep track of your blood sugar levels while you're fasting. if they are in normal levels after intermittent fasting for a bit. do you need that metformin? I'm not giving advice. I'm just asking a question about your personal opinion. Also, just some ideas. are you eating processed carbs like pastas, breads, and breaded things? all those can sabotage weight loss. Also refined sugar. which is hidden in many things not just candy. you really have to be careful and read the back nutrition label on everything you buy. you'll be surprised the amount of sugar in things you wouldn't expect. food brands and fast-food places will add sugar to their foods because it is addictive. research has shown that sugar is even more addictive than cocaine. white bread another high sugar food. cans of green tea. which are completely fake instant tea loaded with huge amounts of sugar. any diet or regular soda pop is horrible. which those are just straight up poison anyway. Any juice, whether it be store bought or freshly juiced at home. its liquid sugar. which will sky rocket your blood sugar and also the liver will convert that excessive sugar to fat. regular whole fruits, berries, veggies, that's all great if you eat it as it was meant to be eaten. because it's a full package of fiber and all the other things working together to digest properly and not rush into your bloodstream at warp speed as a sugary juice would. besides, getting rid of the fiber in any food is just a shame. one of the many reasons people are so sick in the first place. same goes for peeling apples and potato's. the skins of those have the majority of the healthy nutrients believe it or not. Also, many studies at this point have pretty much proven that artificial sweeteners are even more fattening for people than even pure real sugar itself. not to mention the alleged cancer effects. but other than that. you will experience ups and downs in weight loss. that happens to everyone. but like i said. there are some things to look out for to at least try to give yourself an extra boost and to avoid if your super gung-ho on wanting to lose weight and are willing to sacrifice some things...that to be honest nobody really needs. If it doesn't grow from the dirt or is an animal, is it really food? or just processed man made junk food with addictive chemicals to make you want to eat it over and over?
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