I know I'm not truly fasting for 24 hours, but.....what about the long haul

After a year of 16:8, last week I did 8 days of OMAD. No problems doing long 4 to 8 mile morning runs before my one big meal. However I did notice the nagging empty stomach feeling when going to bed about 12:30-1am.
(I work 2nd shift). And I'm not sure I was sleep as good as I should. So last night I made a very slight modification intended to take the edge off my stomach. At 8pm, 10pm and 11:30 when I got off work I had a single piece of pork rind. It's supposed to be 0 carbs. It really did the trick for me, no insulin response that I could tell, and slept well all night.
I know I'm not truly fasting for 24 hours, but I'm looking for something that can be sustainable for the long haul. What do you think?
In theory I feel like the ideal time would be 6pm, but eating a big meal then would be difficult since it's actually my 1st 10 minute break at work. Also, I spend most of my day with my wife, eating lunch with her feels important to me.
Well,for me I have decided to make OMAD a lifestyle change that way I'm no longer seeing it as a diet but a way of life.When once we come to a realization like this then we would take it in the long haul.We wouldn't have to worry ourselves about the future.
That's my problem as welk at first. I coudn't sleep properly because I feel hungry. So I try changing my eating window.I chose the best way for me. I also eat little when I really feel hunger. It's cheat but I need it.
In theory I feel like the ideal time would be 6pm, but eating a big meal then would be difficult since it's actually my 1st 10 minute break at work. Also, I spend most of my day with my wife, eating lunch with her feels important to me.
Have you checked the calories that you've lost? That is necessary and another thing is that I don't think there is a time that we are going to have it all as doing Omad entails letting go of some things for the bigger goals.
For me it is OMAD and I do not regret it. My eating window after the 23 hours fast is between 1 to 2 p.m. since this is lunchtime it serbes me fine. I may feel some hunger at 11 if am not busy but I manage. I do not have any problem at night either.
You are given only 1 hour to eat all you want, what if you eat more than the calorie count a day, Is it still effective to lose a weight? I
Since you eat lunch with your wife maybe you could switch and make this the one meal you eat in a day? Eventually that is.

If you are doing intermittent fasting for the long term benefits then it would pay to actually stick to just one meal day. Eating outside the "eating window" could be likened to "falling off the wagon" however as long as it can help you gradually adapt so you can fast for longer periods then eat the pork rinds.
As beneficial as OMAD can be for some people, it simply doesn’t do the trick for others. Whether it’s problems with self-discipline or just the fact that it’s hard to fit into your schedule, OMAD isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for the long haul, then just stick to 16:8 and maybe switch to a keto diet.

As you have mentioned, zero carb diets do not trigger an insulin response meaning you’re not storing any fat. If you can manage to stay away from carbs entirely and switch to a 16:8 ketogenic diet, then you should see about as much progress as anyone doing OMAD.
As much as OMAD is very beneficial, it's not really a must that everyone would have to take part in it head on. If you have given it a try but hit a roadblock on several occasions, then I would suggest that you take some time to off and get back to it. A lot of things might be running interference with your participating in OMAD at the moment, so in my opinion, a time off would probably do you good.
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