How to take supplements twice a day with food when on OMAD?

When on OMAD (one meal a day) how would or should I take supplements that indicate to take twice a day with a meal? Should you/I take the whole dose for the day at one time? Would you still get the benefit or is there a limit to how much your body can utilize or process at one time?

I take several twice a day, Red Yeast Rice Extract, Milk Thistle, Beta-Sitosterol Plant Steroids, Magnesium, KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Fish oil......


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One of the things that I read is that our body recognizes when we are eating food, and it then produces the natural acids and digestive enzymes that we need for our body to digest and utilize the food we eat. However, when we are only swallowing vitamin capsules, our body does not see that as food, and that is why so many times, vitamins are not digested, and even can pass through our body completely intact.
What I do, is take my first vitamins and heart meds with a cup of coffee with a dab of cream, and I do this when I first get up in the morning.
The evening supplements, I do take with just water, but i still have food in my stomach that is being digested from my afternoon OMAD meal; so I believe that they will simply be digested along with the rest of that meal, during the night.

If I were only going to take supplements once, then I would do it along with my meal for the day, or at least sometime close after I had eaten.
I know that my cup of coffee with cream does break the fast from overnight, but it is not like having a whole breakfast meal, and it allows me something to help utilize my supplements.
As long as it is working for me, I will continue to take my first supplements with my morning coffee, in hopes that they are digesting better this way. I think that each person just has to try different things and see what does or does not work for them. If not breaking the fast is really important to you, then taking all of your supplements at once, along with your meal, would probably work best.
In one of my studies, I read that there are certain types of vitamins and minerals that compete with each other when taken together. There are also vitamins and minerals that complement each other. If you take a large dose of mineral, along with other minerals, it will compete with the absorption. So, the absorption is reduced. For example, if you are taking magnesium it should be taken apart from other minerals.

Some vitamins like vitamin C complements iron. Thus, it helps the absorption of iron from plant foods and supplements.
When I was doing OMAD after giving birth I had a huge lack of magnicum and calcium. My doctor told me the best way is to consume two of each during the morning and evenings. He did not recommend me to do OMAD at that time tho, so but I did anyways after a few weeks.

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