How to start Omad

I think we also need to consult to a doctor before doing this one meal diet, and We should also know our body limitation and weakness, and this article is really helpful, and I think the strong motivation is the only thing we really need in this diet.
I just want to share to you my own experience in doing OMAD diet. Really when beginning this diet, you must the will to do it. You must have inspiration for doing it. Because it's not easy at all. Specially when you're used to eat a bunch of meal everyday. Our body will not cope up suddenly. When I begin, I really didn't do the One meal A day. What I did is, for first week, I only eat half meal every meal. Then the second week I only eat two half meals a day. In the third week, that's when I begin one meal a day. You should begin it gradually.If you begin it suddenly your body will collapse. This is what I did. It works. You just have to be consistent and discipline. Do it as a goal.
It looks too good. Good text. I think it's a very good diet. You just have to respect the rules and you'll be able to get rid of belly fat.
I definitely think that the tip about having zero calorie beverages on hand was a huge one. If I'm not hydrating properly, I always end up feeling hungry - so ensuring I have stuff on hand is critical to my OMAD success.
If I may share my personal experience, my main issue with starting OMAD was the fact of not knowing whether I'm doing it all for nothing or not. Would it really help me or not. Well, eventually it did! Just gotta be more patient, especially the firsts few weeks!
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