How Much Carbohydrates Do You Eat Daily?

My daily meal consists of 2 small cups of rice that amounts to filling the plate but not too high, some meat, and some fruits. I add some vegetables and tofu as well whenever it's available. I'm wondering if I can just continue eating this type of meal daily or if I should cut down more on my carbohydrates intake. I was thinking of cutting down on rice eventually but as of now this feels comfortable enough for me that I don't feel like I'm sacrificing too much despite only eating once a day.

Anyone here who also eats a good amount of carbohydrates with their meal, still? For those that have cut carbohydrates out, did it take you a while to ween off it or did you just go cold turkey?
I'm sorry,my body could not handle this much carbohydrates. I think rice in general has too many carbs I would rather yams or sweet potatoes if I have to load up on the carbs. Also remember that our fruits and vegetables also have carbs. This is alot of carbs, in my opinion. I feel OMAD works the best when you combine it with a diet low i carbs. For example for a meal I have some protein and vegetables especially if you are trying to loose weight. For maintenance this way of eating is okay, still too many carbs for me though.
I've been so used to eating carbs (rice and bread in particular) that I took it slow in reducing my carbohydrates so I won't go cold turkey. I was eventually able to cut down a lot of my carbs after gradually weaning off, around 2 months.
I love carbs but since starting my fasting/OMAD I have pretty much cut them all out. I'm Mexican an Filipino so I love rice with everything. I think once I get down to a really good weight, which for me is another 25 pounds I might treat myself to rice a couple times a week. My goal is to always only eat OMAD so it shouldn't be a big issue once I reach my goal weight.
I strictly follow one cup a day rice, its basically not cutting carbs but eating a balance diet. The simplest way is to have all nutrients possible in a daily intake these helps in keeping your diet without comprising nutrients.
I don't have restrictions when it comes to eating. I also don't count how much carbohydrates I consume in a day. But I make sure that I eat with moderation. I get to eat everything I want but with moderation. Drinking lots of water, sometimes tea or black coffee, also helps me to feel full.
I honestly have never really been into calculating how many carbohydrates I eat during my meals. I know that plenty of people talk about how low-carb diets have helped them lose significant amounts of weight, but I personally believe that it's all due to the fact that foods with less carbs simply have less calories. I'm a proponent of the simple fact that all it takes to lose weight is burning more calories than you consume. Low carb diets just make it easier to consume less calories.

All I care about is calculating how many calories my portions have, and that's the end of that.
Thanks for sharing your experiences and meal plans as it really helps me make better decisions. I think I am slowly having some success in cutting down my carbohydrate intake as I have been eating less rice in the past few days and now know that I can eat less of it and still be in a fairly similar state during the fasting period. I noticed I'm a bit hungrier during dinner than I was when I ate more rice at my 3pm meal time, but it's not too bad. I think I will be following @fishbate 's routine for now as one cup of rice daily sounds doable and hopefully in the future it can help me cut it out completely or at least cut down even more.
I'm eating 1-1/2 cup rice the same portion in vegetables, fruits, dairy and meats. This gives me all what I need for another 23 hours.

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