How many cups of coffee can I drink while doing OMAD?

I'm a coffee drinker, I usually drink 4 cups of coffee a day, two at breakfast or when I wake up, one after lunch and another in the late afternoon. Can I still drink my coffee while doing OMAD?
Well being that coffee is a zero calorie drink (unless you take it with cream and sugar) I don't see why having your regular amount of coffee should get in the way of doing OMAD. I personally wouldn't be able to do four cups of coffee, especially two on an empty stomach, but that's because I have a caffeine sensitivity.

As long as you're drinking your coffee black, without sugar, I think there should be zero issues. Drinking coffee while dieting actually might have some benefits, as coffee is known to temporarily increase your metabolic rate and suppress appetite.
I don't advise you to drink four cups of coffee a day, this will affect your health, I think one cup of coffee a day without sugar is ok while you are keeping the OMAD diet.
Actually you can drink as many cups as you want and I have a friend who do just that every morning. He drinks it black however with little sugar. I drink just one cup daily and its enough for me. I've seen some good articles regarding coffee and it says we can drink as many as three cups. I remember my dad used to drink some four to five during the day, nigh time included.
I've been drinking coffee since I was a teen and it's part of my daily regiment. Coffee has a lot of benefits it helps in the protection of the liver against cirrhosis and other ailments. It's a good deterrent from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's as well as Dementia. It also reduces the risk of heart related diseases.
I just usually go for a cup in the morning, but sometimes i go for another when i need a little boost in finishing a job. Coffee is a good source of energy and fiber, as long as you take it considerably i think it's not bad.
I'm not really a tea or coffee person and for that I don't drink them much but even without OMAD I think normally drinking up to four cups of coffee daily isn't really good.A cup a day a plausible.
By the way, to make your coffee drinking both a pleasurable and a healthy experience, mix it with some food supplements like moringa, or turmeric or even VCO. Caffeine is a good base for all these added food supplements. No side effects too. Actually I've been doing this thing for the last couple of years and it does my body real good.
I have my own negative effects with coffee, however, I assume one or two cups should be sufficient. It's good to burn calories, I heard.

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