How many calories should I be eating on Omad?

I've read about the 4 ones rule and I really like this idea. However, I'm not really sure how many calories that I should be eating in my window. Also, how do you even keep track of your calories?
I don't count calories, but I try to make sure that my meal is very nutritious as I know I am doing this to heal my body and my body seems to be craving healthy foods like fruits and veggies. I have been IFing for a little over 2 months and on my weight loss journey a lot longer. I am at 27 pounds down with a 2.6 pound drop this week alone. The weight has started dropping faster with the nutrients I am feeding it.
There is no need to count calories, but I believe from what I read on this website that you should aim for at least 1200 calories per meal.
Don’t count calories to make sure you eat enough, unless you’re already quite thin. It’s kind of a different to everyone.

Do one meal a day, watch the scale, watch how you feel, see if you’re getting the results you want. Adjust accordingly (eat less/eat more check calories of certain foods)
Don’t count calories to make sure you eat enough, unless you’re already quite thin. It’s kind of a different to everyone.

Do one meal a day, watch the scale, watch how you feel, see if you’re getting the results you want. Adjust accordingly (eat less/eat more check calories of certain foods)
This makes sense. Thank you! I’m not using a scale though. I have no idea how much I weigh at the moment. Last time I weighed myself was a year ago I was at 64kg. I’m a lot lighter now but still not at my previous weight. Clothes fit but are still snug. Just want to lose those few kilos. I’m using my clothes and how I feel to measure I’m on day 3 today and I actually feel great! Just broke my fast on a chicken burger (no burger bun- just used the lettuce as the bun) and a plate of home made fries. Now enjoying my coffee.
If you have stopped losing weight with OMAD, you should see how many calories you are consuming. If that number is higher than the calories your body burns you cannot lose weight. Most people who only eat one meal a day will naturally have a calorie deficit, unless they are eating a lot of calorie dense foods.
I don’t encourage or discourage counting calories. It’s a personal choice. I count calories and carbs, just to see how many I’m consuming.
I think that it depends on each person, how active they are, how old, how well their metabolism works, and even their gender, since men can usually eat more than a woman needs to eat to lose weight.
Jimmy recommends the one plate rule, and I think that is a good guideline, and the calories are going to vary, depending on what you have for that meal.
I don’t count calories before I eat but sometimes out of curiosity, I’ll count what I’ve eaten after I’ve closed my eating window. It ranges from just over 1000 to 1600 or higher sometimes. I trust that I’m giving my body what it needs and think the fluctuation is good for metabolism. It’s working so far.
Today I had a jumbo lump crab cake and broccoli, cauliflower, carrots in cheese sauce. A protein Milk shake 6oz
and I was so full. The calories came to 407. Plus I worked out at the gym, Treadmill and weight lifting in a fasting state. Tomorrow I will try to get more calories in, but it's hard to do in 1 HR.
@monalis I agree wholeheartedly. Getting in enough calories so that one's metabolism doesn't fall through the floor is extremely difficult, especially when you're eating all those healthy complex carbs that fill you up quickly. I eat very slowly to begin with. Anything less than two hours is impossible for me. I've tried, and even limiting myself to those two hours is very uncomfortable; I could tell each time that I had done my body wrong. One day, I even tried adding extra calories in the form of sugary foods that are easy to consume too much of. It was easier, but I still just barely made it to 1000 calories.

I think a good plan would be to try to buy more calorie dense foods, and get micros in the form of high-cal smoothies since drinking is a bit lighter on the stomach. At the moment, that's not feasible for me, so I think I'll just refuse to be so regimented. Personally, I'd theorize that the body benefits more from variation, and I'd rather move my fasts around a little each day, even extending them when need be, to accommodate a longer eating window than stuff myself to the point of discomfort.

A strict regimen is good to help you get in the groove of things or if you feel like you're slipping off track, but why bother if you know you can trust yourself to not break the fast early and to start the next fast as soon as you've met your requirements?
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