How long have you been dieting and exercising?

How long would you say you've been dieting and exercising? For me it has probably been my whole life. I've tried many diets, different workout programs and so on.

I've learned a lot throughout the years and I wouldn't change a thing.
For a few years now. My weight got up there, so I have tried many diets, many workouts and exercises as well. Omad is what changed things for me though.
I honestly don't know. Been trying diets and exercise for many years now. But no idea how long. It's been quite a while though.

Omad changed things for me though. I tried just about everything before I came across omad.
My whole life essentially. I've tried a lot of diets and workouts, some worked for a while, some didn't work at all. Before OMAD I had tried a lot. Now I feel like I am in a good place, healthy and comfortable.
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