How Effective are those Fat Loss products?

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I already tried consuming a fat loss supplement its the Hydroxycut the white one. I've really seen changes in my body because I shred some fats but I don't think it's because of it because every-time I consume it I always feel hungry and by just doing the dieting and exercise it is still effective, so is it really effective?
I suggest to stop it and switch to natural ways to shred fats. It may affect you in the long run and it's not used for a long-term goal. Try drinking water with lemon for hydration and do exercises. It will not only shred fats but will make your heart and lungs happy.
If it's not just tea to take, I won't go for other supplements to lose weight or gain muscle like some people do take steroids for their body development. I prefer going at it with the normal routine orthodox exercise and achieve my goals in a healthy manner.
I have heard others say the brand you take is effective. However, I also have heard that once the illegal ingredient was forced to be taken out in the succeeding batches it wasn't as effective anymore. I wouldn't put much dependence or trust in these products, personally, because I think it is unlikely you will have any long term effects with them. Even if you are able to keep your weight down in the short term, you will still most likely gain the weight back once you stop taking the pills. A more effective way is really to change lifestyle and diet.
To be honest, I haven't tried using any weight loss supplement. Because think it's better to use the natural way of losing weight like exercising and proper diet.
Doing the proper dieting and taking some other natural stuffs are what I use to get my body to the normal weight. I don't really think you should consider them as we have lots of other supplements that you can give a try.
To be honest, I haven't tried using any weight loss supplement. Because think it's better to use the natural way of losing weight like exercising and proper diet.
Just like me as I am afraid of taking those products that promise magic when it comes to losing weight. I always prefer to do omad instead of buying such kind of products on weight loss.
I don't like taking products to lose weight I'm doing more of natural foods like nuts and veggies which I believe have been helpful, you should try out natural foods.
Before adopting low carb and OMAD i was always trying the best next diet. I tried GNLD , Herbal life and other weight loss supplements I dont have to tell you they don't work. You loose weight however once you stop taking them and start eating as normal, then you gain all your weight back and then some. Oprah once said on her show that they is no pill that can make you loose weight and keep it off, if there was don't you think she would have bought it? Makes a lot of sense to me!
I suggest that you should do the natural way. Proper diet and exercise is still the beat. Supplements might help but personally I think natural ways are enough. Just have the right discipline, have some advice from doctors,family and friends. I have experienced dieting before, and to be honest I have tried some supplements. But I've got an advice from my cousin to just do it the natural way and stop intaking supplements. Try eating oatmeals, fruits and vegetables. Also cut down some carbs and fatty foods. And yeah, no to fastfoods.
If you will keep the OMAD diet you will not need to take any loss weight supplements, and even if you are not keeping the OMAD I do not suggest you take such pills because you may harm your health.
How about taking VCO or mixing it with your favorite cup of coffee daily. A farmer once experimented on giving his goats coconut meat leftovers, the dried ones that are left after extracting the water/milk from it and the result was that his goats didn't get fat but lean; however he found out that his livestock was more healthy than before even if they did not become fat or big.
Well, given that I was employed at a nutritional supplement company and worked closely with professional nutritionists, I can give my somewhat educated two cents on the matter.

Personally, I absolutely do not believe in any of those fat loss products. In my eyes, all they basically are is modern day snake oil. The only thing that is going to help you lose weight is eating less and exercising more. Anything else is going to be either a placebo, or the effects are so insignificant that you’re better off not even taking the supplements.

I honestly think that those weight loss pills have more potential for doing harm than good.
I believe that some of them works but the fact that they are made from ingredients and chemicals that i doubt natural or organic , i would not put my health on the risk. It's always wise to go for the natural way.
I really don't believe in fat loss products. I think exercise is the best key in losing weight. I think fat loss products are not effective if you are not pushing yourself to be disciplined.
Using supplement is not as healthy when losing some weight. It is more convenient to exercise everyday, eat a balance diet. It is more healthier to eat fruits and vegetable than frozen food, assorted etc. Negative effect of supplement will soon take effect when years will come specially when we are old, Our system are not that strong unlike when we are young.
Consuming supplements for fat loss has advantages and disadvantages. I, myself took fat loss supplements before. It was effective but it required proper diet and cardio exercise too. I decided to stop taking it because my heart rate became faster than usual and my blood pressure too. Its better to stop taking any fat loss supplements early because our body is not used for burning fats so fast that is why it has a negative effect to us.
I don't think they're very effective. They can remove fats in a short period of time. But it's not good for long-term consumption. I'd rather focus on healthy eating and regular exercise.
To be honest, I haven't tried using any weight loss supplement. Because think it's better to use the natural way of losing weight like exercising and proper diet.
Same here. I find it safer and more effective in the long-term. Let's keep our daily routines active. Best to stay in shape and keep fit.
I tried using some fat burners before and it did a good job in trimming my excess pounds off but to be effective I needed to exercise a lot after taking it. I then switch to herbal teas which was also effective and much safer.
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