How do you deal with holidays on the omad diet?

For me, I will reduce as many as I can the family eatings during holidays and make a schedule when not to eat and when to eat.
If I know the 'eat date and time', I will extend the fasting windows before the time, like skipping or 48hours fastings things like that...BEFORE the date/time...
For me, being used to the routine helps me better visualize how to return to it more easily even as I go on cheat days during the holidays, although admittedly it does still get a bit tricky as it's so easy to fall back onto old habits especially once you get used to being more relaxed with the rules. However, what's great about this diet or lifestyle is that even if you do slip up you can get back to it and start getting results once again. Personally, I think not feeling too guilty about indulging a bit during the holidays is also helpful since when you stress about it too much then it does kind of defeat the purpose of this diet that is supposed to be a bit more loose with the rules which is actually why it works in the first place.
Seriously, holidays season are a big problem for most people who are on diet because during such time of the year, it is almost impossible to stay away from food as there would food in abundance.

What I normally do would be to try as much as possible to reduce my visiting my friends especially when it's close to lunch or dinner time.

So I visit mainly in the morning when all they might offer me is drinks.
At first I had no idea because I liked to maintain my OMAD at my own house, but as happyflowers has suggested I may as well have just eaten over instead of my own house.