Ginseng Supplements

Ginseng supplements boosts energy, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduces stress, it's also a good treatment for diabetes and sexual dysfunction in men.
I used to work for a nutritional supplement company, and ginseng supplements were actually one of our hottest selling products. A lot of costumers returned quite satisfied with the results and always came back for more.

I myself was starting to feel fatigued from my job there, so I decided to purchase a bottle myself. Needless to say, that after a couple of weeks of taking the extract (without any other significant changes to my diet or routine) I didn’t feel much extra energy, but I wasn’t feeling fatigued any more either. Those were really all the results I needed.
This is not a letdown for ginseng. Let me just share the experience of my husband. When he was in London for a work assignment, the work-related stress was affecting his physical strength that he sought the help of a doctor. He was given vitamins but had no effect. He chanced upon a clinic of oriental medicine where he was prescribed ginseng tablets. It had good effects on him because the fatigue after working hours was gone. However, he seemed to be sleeping more than he should that he felt drowsy in the morning. When he consulted a western doctor, he was advised to stop taking those ginseng tablets because it has a toll on his general health.

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