Getting rid of lockdown gain.

Hi everyone. I live in Scotland in the UK. I started OMAD 7 years ago and found it to be the most brilliant lifestyle.
Lost 125lbs in a year and kept the weight off for 6 years. Had to keep my focus on it but wasn't too difficult.
Oh dear. I feel rather foolish now. During a 5 month lockdown for covid, I have regained 20lbs.
I barely fit into my clothes and am starting to feel bad about myself again. I feel I must get started again
or I'll end up putting the whole lot back on!!!!
I know it works.
Tomorrow will be day 1.
Any support would be brilliant.
Happydays xxx
Just to report that I have lost 3lbs. I was expecting more but at least I am moving in the right direction. Many say that keeping weight off is the hard part but I didn't find it too difficult using omad. However, my sad little regain shows that even years down the line you must never lose focus - for any reason. I am starting to get into the swing of things again and feel a bit more positive. Happydays xxx
Keep the faith and get back at it!!!! I should talk ...... I blew it... I was doing the LCHF in conjunction with OMAD I blew my ketosis with a craving I had. Now I gotta get back at it. Just one question if you care to answer it? I have lost 45 lbs with another 45 to go.

What kind of foods have you been eating? Carbs like breads? pasta? etc etc. I would like to know what others are eating at a typical meal. Also what was your average loss per month.

Good luck and thanks
I am new here and I am also from Scotland!I have put on a stone during lockdown

I feel that OMAD is a good way for me to go as dinner is my favourite meal of the day! Dinner is where I tend to go over my calories too.

do you still count your calories on OMAD? how much do you all loose weekly?
Speak soon!