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It is my habit to have a body massage when I do heavy exercises like biking or jogging. It’s nice to have a body massage for 1 hour especially before bedtime that I would go straight to bed after the massage. I feel so refreshed on the morning after. Now question now is this – will having a massage interfere with OMAD? I really don’t know if there is a connection but I just want to be sure if it’s okay to have a body massage because it is my usual way of relaxation whether I did a heavy work out or not.
Yes, I'm having body massage too before going to sleep but not everyday. I have it every week end. Weekdays for me is a busy days. I need to relax every weekends to have a good condition again. Studying and working at the same time really requires a lot of body energy. And it's quite hard since I'm in a diet. I think my body energy is limited. But so far I'm doing good.
I haven't really tried full body massage for a long long time. What I've been into is foot spa or foot massage. I have seen a lot of articles that point to diseases that can be "massaged" at the soles of our feet since there are pressure points there connected to the main organs of the body. I'm a little bit wary when massage parlors will really add some pressure to the major organs of the body like those situated at the abdomen. It's a good thing if we are massaged at our backs and our muscles get relieved. Foot massage though is a safe practice even if it hurts because the main organs are not directly touched so to speak.
Yes it has an effect but more in the positive side. Massage actually calms your body and put you on some sort of deep relaxations. In my opinion it also helps on foods cravings because you tend to sleep after a massage.
It is great to have a full body massage, I take such a massage once a month because here a massage is very expensive it cost more than 80 dollars a session.
I think having a full body massage after your workout is very good because it helps in soothing and toning the muscles also it has calming and relaxing effect which is good for both mind and body.
I don't think it will interfere with OMAD unless making you that relaxed will somehow trigger you to become more hungry. However, I don't think that is common so it should be fine and even if you do end up getting hungry then you could just control it since as you've mentioned you only get massages near bed time anyway.
I definitely need to get a body massage.I have been in a need for so long.People I met in the gym suggest having a massage once in a week.
I don't know if that is true but I think there is definitely something to it.
Having a massage won't really affect your diet negatively, it may even help you achieve your goals in your weight loss plan by making you feel better for exercising.
I agree with what others have said that it will affect but in a positive way. Having a massage relaxes our body so therefor it helps condition your body for OMAD. And one more good thing, as you have stated when you got a full body massage you just want to go to sleep, so when you do sleep after your massage you will never have to eat for the night and your OMAD diet is not ruined.
One thing I would recommend is to have a reflexology massage and even undergo acupuncture therapy. Here in the Philippines it's available in a lot of malls. And it unblocks your meridians helping your chi to flow correctly. It costs around $10 for a whole body reflexology massage and about $40 for the acupuncture.
Body massage is really relaxing. For me it does not only ease the stress of my muscle but it also help me feel relax. I'm just not familiar as to how often I should get one. Do you have any idea?
Who will not like it, a full body massage. I miss it alot. It helps me to sleep better. It gives so much relaxing. I feel like my body is renewed from colds and other pains. It is advisable to have massage at least 1 or 2 per month.
I think it really does not matter. As long as your eating habit will never be ruin it is okay to have a massage or not. But of course it will make you relax and sleep more after that. A very nice for your health.
I think it would be beneficial, if anything. It's not like it breaks your fasting period, and for me I find that when my circulation is good, then it helps me feel healthy and well overall - and massages definitely help with that. Plus, there's the relaxation component to a massage that's also so helpful!
The relaxation is definitely an added plus. I can imagine that calming effect when you have had to deal with food cravings all day. It is a great advice. For me though the daily schedule is quite over ambitious. The hassles I have to deal with day in day out cannot allow me to fix a daily thing. This plus the costs associated with massage makes me opt for an option of thrice per month.
Yes,a full body massage after exercising is very good for the body.my gym instructor encouraged us to always have a good body massage after exercising.it really helps to alleviate pains and put one in a relaxed mood.it helped tired muscles to be strong and well strengthen out too.it helps in blood circulation, prevent swelling on any part of the body and help one to have a very free joint movement.
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