FREE Omad Diet Checklist!

I've signed up to the newsletter as given in the link. I must add, that having a personal check list is very utterly important when you set yourself goals to achieve. Without my personal check list I'd be more lost and wouldn't know how to maintain the diet properly. For example, on my own check list I have a point stating: "lose 40 pounds", because it's the amount that I gained during pregnancy and which didn't drop by much after giving birth.
Done.I have confirmed my subscription and am looking forward to my checklist arriving. I'm really excited because I'm always thirsty for knowledge and anything that I think that can improve my chances of achieving a certain goal. In this case I would appreciate anything that would help me to be more effective while eating the OMAD way. Over the nearly a year I have done it, I have lost weight but have had many ups and down that I have had to navigate on my own.