Flaxseed or Fish Oil On the Omad diet?

I did Braggs apple cider vinegar. I also took a magnesium and l-arginine. I am taking a vitamin every 3 days. I also like hemp oil once a week. I figure all this stuff is good while letting the body fast and cleanse during the 23 hour of not eating.
Which is better to take, flaxseed or fish oil?
I read this book that claims fish oil is much better, because flax seed while contains lost of omega 3s, also has lots of omega 6s, which beats the purpose of having it as a supplement.
I take flaxseed oil and fish oil for different purposes. If I have to use it externally, I use it as per the need. Hence, I could never differentiate between flaxseed oil and fish oil. Also, there are a variety of fish oils that would be essential for human body.

Both the oils have important nutrients and can be used as a good source of omega 3.
I don't like flaxseed but fish oil is quite healthy and is packed full with good nutrients for the body so I do more of fish oil.
I prefer fish oil than flaxseed. I used fish oil and I know that it is really helpful for me. Hence, I think that it will depend on the reaction of it on every person.
I use fish oil just because it's readily available at home or the nearest store. I haven't tried flaxseed but i'm open to try, i heard that it's also beneficial and widely used.
My girlfriend used fish oil and it is very effective. So, I prefer fish oil over flaxseed. Although, I have not try or know the benefits of flaxseed.
I am taking fish oil and for me its very effective than flaxseed. It gives many benefits that our body needs.
I am recommended fish oil and its proven safe and effective.
I prefer fish oil. It has lots of nutrients that support overall body function. Many of us use it as I can see. :)
I haven't take flaxseed yet, but I do take fish oil and I do recommend it with all my heart because it has a lot of positive effects on our heath.
All things considered, it seems to me fish oil is the better choice for non-vegetarians. But vegetarians can get a great deal of value from flaxseed oil, provided they use it correctly.


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I think that there is a place for both of these foods in a healthy diet. I buy whole flax seeds and grind them in the blender before I use them so that the oil does not go rancid. Flax seeds also have a lot of good fiber, and since they have so much fiber, they can add fullness to foods without adding much of any carbohydrates.
I like to mix flax seeds and chia seeds (which are a good source of proteins as well as fiber), and you can use this as an ingredient when you are making keto bread and crackers, along with almond meal in place of regular white flour.
One of the things that most people miss on the keto diet is something that is similar to bread, which has way too many carbs to be practical on a low carb diet plan.
With the recipes that use ingredients like coconut flour, almond meal, flax and chia seeds, as well as psyllium, you can make good tasting substitutions for regular bread that are low enough in carbs to be used with a keto diet, and the flax and chia seeds also help make them much healthier than regular bread.
They are both healthy and give out body a different nutrients. I am currently taking fish oil and it is good to me. I need flaxseed oil for my chicken skin problem. I have researched that this oil could help to cure the chicken skin. I have this skin condition long time ago and it spreading to many different parts of my body. I have chicken skin in my arms,legs and in my stomach area. It is not itchy but kinda irritating because I could feel the roughness of my damaged area.
Which is better to take, flaxseed or fish oil?
I would have to say Fish Oil is better because of its Omega 3 component and besides it's highly recommended for this diet. It's high in anti oxidants and is also affordable.

We really don't have flax seeds here in my country and I'm not really sure what is it. But when it comes to fish oil coming from an island country well I'm well aware of its benefits.
I haven't tried any of these but I am thinking of going for the fish oil. Flaxseed is not commonly available in my area. It is not that well-known. I have heard a lot about fish oil and its benefits, it is truly amazing. I want to take it because of its Omega-3. I am going to research about flaxseed.
For me, fish oil is better than Flaxseed oil. It is easier to find in stores making it more famous than Flaxseed. Fish oil has essential nutrients that helps us to manage heart disease. It has Omega 3 which helps us to lower blood pressure. It is indeed a very healthy thing for us to eat and consider in our diet meal.
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