Fitbit & other heart rate monitors

Have any of you used Fitbit or other heart rate style monitors? I'm thinking of buying one and was interested in what Fitbit had to offer, but am open to other brand suggestions. Do you guys have any suggestions?
I have a fitbit watch that I love. I want to upgrade to something like an apple watch though, as I hear those too have heart rate monitors and other cool fitness goodies. But I can't agree to the prices for those watches. Way too much for me.
I don't own one myself, but would like to soon. I hear good things about Fitbit. I wouldn't get the Apple watch, just because of how expensive they are. I'm also more into Samsung or Android products anyway.
I have this cheap heart rate monitor watch. Got it from a thrift shop some years ago. It does what it needs to do, so I'm happy. I might get a Fitbit or other branded one at some point though.
I have a fitbit charge 3 and I'm very happy with it.
It logs the heart rate, training, sleep, and also made steps and floors.