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Completed my first week on the OMAD diet and into week two. This diet fits in well with my lifestyle; breakfast has always been difficult because I have to get up so early, but I've always eaten because I was always told it is the most important meal of the day. So I no longer eat breakfast. Lunch was usually something fast and convenient like a pie or pasty, so I now skip on that. I just eat my dinner between 4pm and 7pm depending on what shift my wife is on.

Hunger has been mostly under control, but on Sunday afternoon I started to feel light headed and started to sweat and feel feint, so I had a bowl of cereal. Then at dinner time I totally pigged out and ended up bloated and uncomfortable. I didn't sleep much that night and got up still feeling bloated.

Today is Wednesday of week two, hunger seems too be well under control now. I drink black coffee in the mornings and water in the afternoon and evenings. I weighed myself and realised that it makes a difference of up to 9 kilos depending where I put the scales on the floor. The scales were a wedding present 35 years ago and are probably next to useless now, but I'm gutted that my starting weight may be way out.

But apart from the weight, my belly feels much smaller already. The shirts that used to strain on the buttons are now just a little too tight, and the jacket that the button popped of now fits , albeit rather snugly. If someone had told me that I could loose so much this easily I would have laughed at the thought, but now I'm looking forward to a slim and fit me! :)
End of week 2; no hunger pangs this week, I feel settled into the lifestyle of only eating once a day. Despite my ancient weighing scales being unreliable, I have found a level spot on the bathroom floor where I can get a consistent reading. Although the weight may not be correct they will still give me the general trend on my weight. Last week I was 155lb, this week I'm 153lb, but as I think I said somewhere else on this forum, weight is not my issue; my aim is to get rid of belly fat.

Had a bit of a trying weekend this week, my wife was also off work and we had two of the grandkids round. I was woken up Saturday morning with a cup of coffee but she had put milk in it, it tasted strange because I no longer use milk. The kids wanted hot dogs for lunch, I was given two hotdogs for my lunch and I really wasn't hungry but I ate anyway. I was then starving by dinner time!

Sunday was the same, I was called back into the house because breakfast was ready, egg & bacon buns. Then it was chicken veg and spuds for lunch and we went out with friends for a full three course affair in the evening. I'm still trying to decide if I should tell my wife about this diet, but as you've probably guessed, she likes to eat and thinks I should too. Anyway, that was just one weekend of how I used to eat. Today it's a few steamed veggies for dinner and straight back to the OMAD diet.

Sorry if I ramble on a bit, but you folks are the only ones who know about my diet at the moment. Thanks for reading this far! :)

Jimmy Swartz

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Love reading your updates Fiddler! Thanks for keeping us up to date on your progress. No need to worry about long as your here in the forum you will always get the support you need to finish your journey;)
Having a slow day at work today, so I managed to do lots of research into diet, weight loss and ketosis. I am pleasantly surprised to find that some things I have experienced these last few days could be directly down to my OMAD diet and being in ketosis.

Besides the weight loss and my belly getting visibly smaller I feel very, very good. I was laid in bed the other night thinking how happy and contented I felt. This is not something that happens often as I have suffered with depression for many years.

I have a strange taste in my mouth; I was driving home last night and it felt as if I'd been drinking wine. I wondered what would happen it I was stopped by the police.

I keep having to go and pee. I know I drink a lot of water now, but I've read that this too is a sign of ketosis as the body renews itself.

Things look clearer. I know this may sound strange, but colours seem brighter, things seem more in focus. Maybe this is the clarity of thought that fasting brings to the mind.

On the down side, I had bad cramps in bed last night. Maybe I need to start taking some sort of supplement in my water to replace salts.

Despite peeing more, bowel movements seem rare and small. This is a bit strange for me because I used to go at least once a day. But then I suppose if there is little going in there will be little coming out.

Anyway, on the whole it's all good. The diet is worth it just to feel this good. OK, I missed out on sharing in one of my work mate's birthday cake today, but this level of gain is worth the sacrifice! :) Gotta go now, my shift has ended!
Almost the end of week 3. The dodgy scales tell me I'm 2lb down this week. I feel I've lost more but for the last 3 or 4 days I've been constipated and may be carrying "excess baggage". This evening I started my meal with a bowl of Weetabix, that's sure to get things moving again for me. Then I finished a 12" hot n spicy pizza with plenty of coleslaw. Hopefully I will be feeling more comfortable tomorrow.

I've realised this week that there were things I used to eat that I now miss; potato and meat pies for breakfast at work, chomping on a box of millionaire's shortbread or flapjack at my desk in the afternoons, a whole family bag of salted pretzels while watching a video, and those late night suppers of cheese and biscuits. But, I have to balance that against how good I'm feeling lately. It may be a direct result of the OMAD diet, or it may be that I've cut out a lot of junk, but I'm now feeling generally much better and less moody than previously.
End of week 3 quick update. The Weetabix and coleslaw worked a treat, I feel much better now! Maybe I should start my meal with Weetabix every day to ensure I get enough bulk/fibre to keep me regular.
Almost end of week 4. I wasn't going to weigh myself this week as I've already had 2 days off with my wife and eaten normally, plus we went out for a big celebration meal one night. I was getting into the shower this morning and my good lady had left the scales out in the bathroom (hmmmmm, is she on a secret diet too!) so I hopped on; ANOTHER 2LBS LOST! :cool:

We went out to celebrate a friends engagement at an indian restaurant this week. I was thinking I may not be able to eat much because maybe my stomach has shrunk and I really don't feel hungry any more. The appetizers came and I thought, "I hope these work!" The starters came and mine was a mixed kebab; it was huge. It would have made a main meal for me any day of the week. Main course was Naga Chichen (I like it hot) which I finished along with a bowl of rice and a large garlic naan. I helped my wife with her meal then finished off someone else's saag aloo. One of my friends asked me where I put it all, I just pointed to my belly and said something like, "I'm a growing lad" So, I've discovered I can certainly eat when I want to, and I enjoy my food much more now that I'm on the OMAD diet

Haha, just realised what I've done! I'm on a dieting forum talking about food and eating. Hope you all haven't fallen foul of your diets and rushed out to a takeaway.

Anyway, I'm going to continue with OMAD and should make it to 1 stone lost by next week :)
Thanks for the update Fiddler. Congrats on the 2lbs! You make me laugh reading your updates. I love hearing your progress.
End of week 5. Yesterday I was pottering around in the garden, pulling a few weeds and tidying up for the bank holiday weekend. I noticed I kept pulling my trousers up, these old jeans I keep for working in have never had a belt on them because they were a snug fit, now they are positively baggy around the waist. :)

Had a shower after working in the garden and got dressed to go and pick the grandkids up, putting my trousers on I noticed that the belt would not go tight enough, I've actually run out of holes to tighten up. I need to either punch another hole or buy a smaller belt. :)

This morning my weight is 147 lbs, that means I've lost 1 stone (14 lbs) since starting on OMAD 5 weeks ago. You may think 147 lbs is not over weight, but I'm 5 foot 6 ins and skinny as a rake, but my belly stick out like I'm pregnant (according to my wife) and hangs over my belt. I find this extremely embarrassing, so I can hardly contain my excitement to find my belly is getting smaller and hardly hangs over at all now.

I was looking a some health calculators on line. Apparently you can judge your ideal body size by measuring around the widest part of your torso, this measurement should be half your height or less to be considered healthy. I now measure 39 inches, I either need to lose a few more pounds or grow another 12 inches in height! :p

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