Favorite food to eat on OMAD

What would you say is your favorite food to eat while on the omad diet? For me I like to have organic pizza. It's so good. All ingredients are healthy and low carb to no calories. I will try to post some of my favorite recipes soon.

Anyway, share away.
I love to eat turkey. Even though is probably shouldn't, I love my turkey.

Other foods I eat on omad are lean meats, lots of veggies. Some fruit, but I try not to eat too much because fruit can have a lot of sugar.
I like to eat Chinese and Mexican food. My favorite meal would have to be tacos. Of course healthy tacos with healthy food. I try not to eat too much though.
My favorite go-to meal is a korean style noodle dish. Here's the recipe:

Gochujang Sauce
Ramen Noodles (Throw away the seasoning packet)
Red Bell Pepper
Meat of your choice (I prefer sausage)

1. Cook the sausage in small bite sized pieces or smaller.
2. Add ramen noodles from the packet, and enough water to float it
3. Cook until boiling
4. Drain the water
5. Add the chopped cucumber, red bell pepper and cilantro
6. Add gochujang sauce (as much or as little as you like) and enjoy!
Good question. My favorite currently is Sauteed Chicken Caesar Salad. It's so good and really good for you.
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