Extended Fasting

Hi Everyone,

I'm opening up this thread for those who are interested in practicing an extended fast. I've made a 48hr extended fast part of my routine to compliment my OMAD strategy. My extended fast is once a month.
Its very important to understand that there are both positive and negative aspects of a 48hr fast, so please make sure you are not susceptible to harm due to your current health conditions.
9/14/2023 7:00pm CT start. My dinner consisted of beef steak with a small baked Potatoe and buttered broccoli and washed down with a Topo Chico mineral water. Desert was crunchy peanut butter and skim milk (20oz glass). The rest of the night only consisted of more Topo Chico.
9/15/2023 starts with an early morning 4 mile run. Weigh in was 182lbs. Consumables for this day,
1. A single Zero Calorie 12oz coke
2. 20oz of foldgers black coffee
3. Topo Chico Mineral Water.
Yard work mid-day added an uncalculated amount of calorie burn.
I will go for another run in the AM and do a weigh in afterward. I typically see a loss of 2-4 pounds in the 48hr period.

I find the hardest hours are right after your normal eating time. Luckly my meal is around 6pm and I get to bed sometime between 9-10pm. Once I go to sleep, I know I will be fine by the next morning. Between 36-48 hours I find myself bouncing between feeling hungry and getting energy boosts. Most often feeling the best around hour 45.

Drink plenty of water. Use tea or black coffee to suppress the appetite. Let me know in the comments the do's and don'ts of your fast. Check the link below if you are curious about the pros and cons of the 48 fast.

Morning of 9/16 weigh in,
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