Excessive exercise can wear you down and your appetite as well

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I tend to see exercise as like my best friend it is the only thing i feel in my control of at the moment, since my mate died in February and the few months of her life i walked a huge amount so i wouldn't think about about her and all i had was my music on my iphone and my trainers and i would simply get the train to/from work and then coming home i would take longer route home.
Good point. I think in a way it might suppress our superficial need to snack and eliminate the cravings signal in our brain and also probably it may work and actually make us feel not hungry at all. Although, personally, I worry that after a while if you get used to it or because of the huge rest period you'd need after the extreme exercise you might find yourself just getting so hungry that you end up eating a lot and ruining all you have worked for. Best way to find out for ourselves is to give it a a try though I guess. Maybe I will push myself more next time I go out for a run.
Exactly. It may be good for a while because you're still focused with your routines and stuff. However, when the time comes where you have to rest for a while because 'maybe' of business engagements and stuff that are more important than exercising, there is a possibility that you'll eat more and get more fats compared to the ones you've lost. And the most horrible thing that could probably happen is, you'll get fat faster and heavier because based from what I've heard, it's not good to eat a lot when your liver/intestines are already reduced in size after being used to small portions because it will definitely behave inappropriately when you put an excessive amount of food which it isn't used to handling.
Me too, I do my stretching exercise, now it is part of my routine to have an exercise before jumping on my bed. I am pretty excited to see the result in the next coming months.
Excessive exercise definitely isn’t a good thing, the keyword obviously being “excessive.” Anything in excess isn’t good.

I know personally that if I push myself way past my limits, I feel absolutely zero hunger after my workout is done. Why? Because I’m so nauseous that the only thing on my mind is throwing up, and certainly not eating.

Exercising in excess also isn’t good because you’ll burn out far quicker. The fact is that moderate exercise and proper rest are the key to maintaining a fit and healthy body. Pushing yourself past your limits and not resting enough will actually end up making you sick and fatigued at best, and you might actually permanently injure yourself at worst.
I chanced upon a post in social media that when you do physical activities excessively, you tend to lose your appetite. That is also true when working out more than your normal capacity, hunger will be somewhat elusive. Is there anyone here on OMAD who is doing such a style of working out just to control hunger?
No, I don't do this. If I have an intense exercise I end up getting hungry a lot. I ended up eating a lot more than my normal serving. Personally, I craved something sweet when I am hungry. It's better if you start light and then you can increase intensity as time goes by.
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