Elderly fitness

Hey guys, so I am starting my father on omad, and he's in need of some changes still and I have asked him to try working out more often. He hasn't worked out in years and has gained some weight, but he's a bit on the old side, around 72 years old. idk I forget after a while. Anyway, do you guys have any suggestions for safe workouts? He's got a bad leg, knee and hip and I don't want him getting injured either, but would like for him to move more often.
Swimming is great for the elderly, saves them from the high impact you get with a lot of workouts. Water aerobics as well, that's a good alternative and it does provide a decent workout as I've done it myself. :D I wouldn't advise him to run or jog or anything like that, especially if he has a bad leg and knee, it might be uncomfortable for him.

Other workouts, I say, get him to try some light weights, maybe resistance bands. As for any others, not sure, maybe an exercise bike, but with the resistance down.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some other options.
I'll see if he'd like to do swimming or water aerobics. I am thinking about getting him to go for walks every other day or so. Just something around the block and not too far. I got some weights he could use. They're only 10lb weights so not too heavy.
Swimming is good, power walking is an option too. My aunt is 75 and she power walks every day. Walking is another option.

I think riding a bike is a good one too.

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