Effective work out routine to reduce body fat and tone up your abs

Abdominal exercises are a tremendously important work out that we shouldn't skip at least three times per week, I know that is really frustrating at the beginning because we don't have experience and our body is not used to this type of training but once you start to see the results of your effort you'll feel great, and you will start to train with more enthusiasm. I will let you one video that's called Abs in 8 minutes, this is a special work out to tone up your abdominal area and it's designed to prove you in 2 weeks its incredible results, I personally tried it and I still continue combining it with my gym routine every day, now my abs look much better and my self-esteem has increased ;).

"It is important that you do these exercises at least 3 times per week to start watching the results in a short manner"

In addition to that you can also tone your abdominals on your down time by laughing a lot. A 30 minute laugh can burn the same amount of calories as lifting weights for an hour.
For those with bulging tummy like me, a workout to tone up the abs is desired. But I am wondering for how long do I need to do that routine before the bulge on my tummy would be tapered. When I was younger, I was doing sit ups and it is effective to trim my tummy. However, during that time when I was regularly doing my morning exercise, my tummy was not bulging yet and maybe just a little that can be trimmed by the sit ups. But now I guess I need a more radical workout to flatten my middle.
I was able to maintain a trimmed waistline till 2016. But from last year until now, I've gained weight that I find it hard to get back to shape. Even in those days that I had a considerably small waist, my tummy was not toned. After giving birth, I got this loose skin that makes the bulging part of my lower tummy and it's hard to really have a flat stomach or toned abs. I guess it has something to do with genes as well. I haven't tried any work out for abs for the fear of straining my back.
There are a lot of exercises these days that one can actually do at home or in the gym just to get that abs showing up and getting that flat dream stomach. Exercises on youtube would be a great suggestion but be sure to pick at least 5 exercises that you can really do and just stick to it everyday and gradually increase the repetitions. That's what I did before and still doing it just for maintenance. One can get the perfect results if you just continue to discipline yourself about your diet and exercise routines.
In addition to that you can also tone your abdominals on your down time by laughing a lot. A 30 minute laugh can burn the same amount of calories as lifting weights for an hour.
Really? I laughed a lot but I don't have abs yet. Joke! You people know a lot really. So glad your sharing your knowledge here.
Eating late at night and taking fizzy drinks over the years gave me a large round tummy and I'm struggling to reduce it to size and I don't joke with my abdominal exercises and it always brings excitement anytime I can see a bit of positive change on my abdominal area. Work out routine is the right way to go when trying to lose abdominal fat and changing one's diet too will be helpful.
Because of my work schedules, I have been using one of the fitness apps to train at home. The thing about this is I tend to sweat it out within 10-12 mins of training almost every day. I have been doing push-ups with rotation and the nice thing is that I have looked for more than before.

Something worthy to note is that you are going to stick to light training methods so as not to cause muscles pains to the body especially when you are starting out.

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