Eating enough?

I am half way through my 3rd week and I am still hungry during the day. My first question is does the hunger dissipate?
And I'm worried that I'm undereating. When I do eat I eat A LOT but I'm not sure if it actually makes up my recommended 1400 calories, or if it just feels like a lot because I'm filling up in such a short space of time but I'm actually only getting in 800 calories for example... so my next question is how do you ensure you are getting enough calories in without counting calories every single day?
I suggest to have a list of the meal you going to have. and you can find some food suggestion that will help you to balance your diet here.
@huggypillows is right, you can list the food you intake. Or if you are on the starting point of your diet and you need to count your calories intake, you can download some mobile phone apps that counts calorie intake. And eventually when you are used to your diet you mighy not longer need the app.
Its better to search first the food that you will planning to eat and take some list of it. It's better to keep tracking your calories intake since this is really includes when you're planning for a diet.
I think that eventually our body will adjust and you will stop feeling hungry. Like everything in life fasting is a learned behaviour. I would recommend that you eat food that is high in proteins and fats. I find that eating foods loaded with carbs spikes your insulin levels and that's why you are always hungry. Just keep at it eventually you will figure out something that works for you. You need to find a way that works for you and still allows you to lose weight.
Feeling hungry and weak the first few weeks of OMAD is imminent because the body needs to adjust to such a drastic change especially for one that was used to three square meals and maybe with desserts or snacks in between. So the best bet is to continue with time the body will readjust and you will start feeling better.Continue good luck.
This condition of getting hungry is the main reason why I haven’t started OMAD yet. In your case, you are on the 3rd week but it looks like you still have the hunger pang that is haunting your every hour. I am still trying to find a way to overcome that situation of feeling hungry because that can interfere with my daily activities. One suggestion that I received was to eat some nuts when the feeling of hunger knocks. How about a few peanuts or some pieces of almonds? And with a glass of water, that will definitely dissipate the hungry feeling at least for an hour or so.
I'm two months in and for me the hunger still persists daily so I am doubtful it will ever go away or that it will get easier in that way, but it does feel much better having this routine as opposed to eating more frequently so I'm sticking with it regardless. As for eating enough, I think if you're trying to lose weight then having a deficiency in daily calorie intake might not be that bad and I myself would prefer eating as little as possible as long as I can handle it, but in general just eating one plate full that's not stacked up too high is the recommended amount of food.
Hunger is a natural thing in my opinion, but it does dissipate thru the process as your body adjust. Eventually your body will be programmed on a certain time of a day where you need to eat in this case your eating window.
Your body will definitely adjust someday. You just have to manage your eating window and diet itself. Sometimes, we work more than we eat. That's why we still feel hunger even where doing it for long.
Try widening your eating window if your eating window is 2 hours make it 4 hours so that you could eat more and not get hungry.
If you are a first timer you will feel that you won't eat enough. But when you become comfortable of that diet you will feel complete full even eating small snacks. Just eat those nutritious food.
I did the TDEE calculator and it told me i should eat 858 calories to lose 2 pounds a week. Is that enough you think? Now im not sure. Thanks

Jimmy Swartz

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I did the TDEE calculator and it told me i should eat 858 calories to lose 2 pounds a week. Is that enough you think? Now im not sure. Thanks

I usually advise trying to get at least 1200 calories with your meal. Here is an article I wrote about the 4 ones rule that you might find helpful If you find yourself in a weight loss stall, then I would give the recommendations of the tdee calculator a try.