Easy and delicious keto “cheesecake”.

This is so easy to make, and my husband really loves it , too; so it is probably our favorite dessert. We both miss eating ice cream, and if you freeze this cheesecake, then it is like having a rich and creamy bowl of ice cream. In the summer, I have used those little plastic popsicle molds and frozen this dessert in various flavors.
All you will need are a few ingredients.
One 8oz package of cream cheese, 2 cups of cream or full fat coconut milk (in the can), some sweetener like stevia or swerve if desired, and a package of sugar-free pudding. I like the cheesecake flavor, but vanilla will work, too.
Either butterscotch or lemon makes and interesting dessert if you like to experiment.

To make the cheesecake, put everything except the pudding mix in a food processor , blender, or use a mixer. Mix well, until everything is nice and creamy, and then add the pudding mix.
Once you add the pudding mix, everything is going to thicken up really fast, so you only need to give it a couple of swirls with the blender, and it will be ready to take out and put into containers and refrigerate or freeze, as you prefer.

You can also use this same formula with sugar-free jello and make a great dessert. It is not like cheesecake, but more like a flavored ice cream bar if you freeze it afterwards.
Sometimes, I also add about a half cup of cottage cheese before I blend, and this makes the dessert go further, and adds more good protein.
Oh YAY! I love cheesecake and I love this recipe. It's so simple. I see for instructions that it is NO-BAKE. However, would there be a problem with baking it?
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