Do you prefer working out alone?

When working out, do you like to do it alone? Or, do you prefer to have some friends or family along? I personally hate being watched or seen working out. I had a bad experience when I went to a gym years ago. A guy made some weird looks at me and before I left he made a comment about my weight. I don't want to say what it was, but it was offensive.

Ever since I stopped going to the gym and when I ever did workout, it was in the privacy of my own home.

What about you though? Do you prefer to workout alone or with friends/family?
I don't like working out at the gym unless I'm with a couple friends. Otherwise I prefer doing it alone. I prefer working out with friends though as opposed to working out alone.
I prefer alone, but will go out with some friends if they want me to. I otherwise will not ever go to gym alone. I just feel like all eyes are on me.
Like most in here, I will workout at a gym if I'm with friends, but preferably I like to workout alone. I have gone to the gym alone before, it's not really a problem for me, I just prefer to be alone in general sometimes.
I usually prefer to workout alone, but that's because I tend to do workout programs, and don't want people watching me job in place in my room.

I don't go to the gym anymore these days. I tend to go jogging when I want to get out there and workout though.

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