Do you have bad experience while doing OMAD?

Me is my first week. Adjusting to this is really hard and ofcourse avoiding the foods that you love before is pretty hard too. Like you need to fight against the temptations that you are facing everyday. Its really really hard for me but after a month I just become use to this and I have control to myself now.
In the first week I felt dizzy but after that, all went great, now I am in a week four of OMAD diet. Congratulation on starting OMAD, you will not regret it!
Yes, the first time I got to change my eating window. I got headache like my world is spinning. It was normal because your body is not yet comfortable eating only one time at a day.
No real bad experiences, although I understand what you mean about the first weeks being hard. They were definitely the weeks I found most challenging until I got into a groove with it.
I haven't experience anything bad perse about OMAD apart from the initial hunger pangs then which I had to control myself now I'm good to go at all times the more one continue the more one get used to it.
When I was on my 3rd day of doing OMAD my stomach would create funny sounds telling me that it needs food, and I would drink.a lot of coffee then it would go away. The problem is one time I had a meeting and the place was really quiet and my stomach acted up making those weird sounds and it was a nasty and embarrassing experience.
I guess the dizziness is a common reaction of the body when it gets hungry that’s why I am thinking if I can withstand the hunger for a longer time. To be honest, I am trying to test myself by not having dinner for a couple of days and I am fine except when I wake up in the morning with that dizzy spell that goes with my hungry stomach. When I finally gain control over this feeling then I probably am ready for OMAD.
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