Good Morning OMAD Community,
I keep a personal journal that I write in at the end of each day but just wanted to try a little journal entry on here as well. So here goes...
Waking up on Day 3 of OMAD I feel great! I declared that today will be a good day so indeed, today will be a good day. I packed a lunch of chicken burger no bun, 1 sliced apple with peanut butter, a cup of fruit, Greek yogurt and a slice of cake if I feel like it. I'm not counting calories and I don't deny myself fruit or carbs and I can happily report that I am down 3.9 pounds on Day 3 of OMAD!! I cannot wait to see where I am scale wise but more importantly where I am as far as how I feel on Week 2. I've been doing so much reading and research on OMAD and I found exactly what I needed to hear. There is an article floating around on the Web that says OMAD is good for fat people until they are no longer fat. Whelp! That is all the confirmation I need. LBS. Definitely not mad at what OMAD is doing for me.
Starting weight: 240.2
Day 2 weight: 237.5
Day 3 weight: 236.3
Total Weight lost: 3.9 pounds in 3 days!!!

Jimmy Swartz

Staff member
Congrats on your weight loss so far! You are off to a great start. Looking forward to reading your journal and appreciate you keeping us updated along your journey!