Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting - Easy to Follow Guide

Thanks for sharing. It was a comprehensive guide. I was expecting that it can aid in digestion because I've done fasting before and it really helped with my constant problem of constipation. You will really feel light at the start but you will get used to it. And I agree that a lot of people confuse it with starvation. It's good that there was a caution mentioned on the article not to be obsessed with fasting but rather still focus on your daily tasks.
Thanks for the guide. Really helpful.I didn't know that they were that many ways to fast. I just first began with fasting 14 hours a day, I then went to 16 hours a day and then to 18 hours a day. Now I'm on OMAD . This has been quite the journey I have done this for just over 1 year. It has been tears and joy as I have slowly lost weight. When I began I did it on faith, I had no guide, I used Google and Youtube. I am the biggest supporter of intermittent fasting. Its the best way in my opinion to control your weight.
This made a good read,I have been doing IF for a while before discovering OMAD. IF needs self control to pull through but the benefits are enormous but I like the weight loss benefit more. It really help one stay on a good weight and transitioning from it to OMAD would be a lot easy since it almost the same routine.

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