Cheat Days On The Omad Diet - Should You Do Them?

I totally relate to the cheat days being psychologically damaging. For me, I tend to be an all or nothing kind of person, and if I allow myself to cheat it tends to be a slippery slope into more cheats...and then before you know it I'm off the wagon completely. For me it's just easier to fully commit.
Im guilty that I'm doing cheat day. And once you did once it kinda sure you will do it again. And pretty hard to stop it. That's why you really need a real hard control to yourself.
I am guilty of going on several cheat days and I can't help it. I can't really stick to anything for a long period of time. If I control myself that much I will only crave food a lot and I might even stop the diet. I need cheat days so that I can remind myself that this isn't what I want, and so that I don't crave food more than I already do. They help me rest mentally so that I can set my goals again and get back to work.
I once did a diet program and I am guilty of this cheat day thing. But my strong desire to achieve my goal motivated me not to do my cheat day for more than once a week. It's all about the discipline.
There is always a cheat day in every diet you are into. Especially when you are a starter. You will eventually miss those yummy and sinful food when you take on a diet. Just make it clear that a cheat day is always end up negative.
It happened to me sometimes. It is hard to control especially if you tried doing it consecutively. Sometimes I continually doing cheat days which is not good and it will ruin our dietary plans. Discipline is what we really need here but I don't do OMAD before since I get easily tempt by those food. For now I am trying it as I am sticking to my diet plan. If I can't do OMAD, what I do is to divide my one meal into three that will still be equivalent to one meal per day.
I do not call them cheat days. There are family events or mom's famous cinnamon rolls that I will have but very rarely. On most family events I can find a way to eat Keto friendly. If I do have sugar or something not on my normal (Keto) diet then I get back on my normal routine the next day. I din it affects me for a couple days but that my weight and overall routine get back on track in a couple days. By doing this and not denying myself or making a big deal about I can continue my life without any real interruption or impacting social events.
Cheat is such a loaded word. Don't call it a cheat day. Build in whatever snacks you are going to have.
i Totally Relate to The Cheat Days it Might Destroy Your Daily Routine and I Feel Guilty Too About Cheating On Diet Because If You Cheat Once You Will Not Stop Doing it Again And For Those Who Cheating About Your Diet You Should Stop it Because Its Not Good For Ourselves and if You Don't Stop That's Your Fault in The End
I think cheat days is big no when you're having a routine and healthy diet since it may destroy and you're able to consume the amount of calories you will realize in the end was not worth it. It may also change the timing of your diet.
I feel like cheat days are really counter-intuitive to fasting or trying to lose weight in general. I read in another article somewhere (I can't recall where exactly) that one of the main things that makes losing weight difficult people is their mindset toward food. A lot of us (myself included) tend to treat food as a reward. Get these chores done, go out and eat. Do this today and have this meal as a reward. Etc.

Having a cheat day just emphasizes that mindset that food, especially food that is bad for us, is actually a reward when it shouldn't be.
Personally I do allow myself have cheat days because I can always make up for it by fasting 23:1 two days in a row. Cheat days are days when I socialize with friends when we go out to eat and on weekends. Other than that, I am strict enough.
I try not to bring in anything that will triggers binge or emotional eating so I try not to bring in cheat days else I become addicted to it.i eat all that is needed during my eating window and that's always enough for me
Im guilty that I'm doing cheat day. And once you did once it kinda sure you will do it again. And pretty hard to stop it. That's why you really need a real hard control to yourself.
I totally get you. I am like this. When I do it once, it becomes a slippery slope. It is very hard to stop myself from doing it again. I even get guiltier, that it becomes a psychological burden. That's why I do my best to stop myself from doing it in the first place.
Well, I usually have my cheat meals days. I tend to do it during weekends so that I could look forward to it. Even though I am on my cheat day, I am still careful with my meals that I should still have a nutritious and healthy food. After that day, I will go to the gym and workout to lose the weight that I gain when I was on my cheat day.
Personally I think cheat days have the slight chance of ruining your motivation and routine. I usually have my cheat days on weekends, because it's when I have the chance to relax the most. Usually it's on Saturday. After the cheat day, however, I tend to go to the park to do some extra jogging time, apart from my usual (30-45 minutes).
I have cheat days and even cheat weeks. I think that personally this helps me. I know that it can be hard to get back on OMAD especially when I have had cheat days and cheat weeks. I have done some reading on the subject and recommendations are that, you incorporate cheat days because they are said to speed up weight loss and quite good especially if your weight loss has stalled. I'm afraid I believe in cheat days as part of my weigh loss, so long as you get back on the wagon immediately.It also helps me keep to OMAD anticipating a cheat day.
The main thing that I try hard to do is not to plan on an OMAD day, and then binge eat. If there is a special day coming up, where I know we are having a special meal, or reason that we will be eating more than one meal for some reason, then that is part of my eating program.
I think that having a day when you eat differently is okay, as long as it is planned for and part of your schedule.
I try to make sure that I have foods that will keep me satisfied longer , and I eat between 11-4 (not all that time, but a meal somewhere between those 2 times), and this way, I am not hungry when I go to bed, but my food has a good start on being digested, so I can have a good fasting period.
I don’t expect myself to be perfect, but if I follow OMAD around 90% of the time, then I am okay with that. It is a life change, and not a temporary way of eating, so there will be days when I follow perfectly, and days when I don’t, but all part of the long journey.
I'd love to do those cheat days, but I'm afraid they might drag me to do them more and more, which will get me lazy and forget OMAD. So I'd rather not, except with some rare cases. They are indeed damaging the psychology of a person who is doing OMAD and struggling with it...
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