Carnivore diet and OMAD

I am thinking of mixing the carnivore diet with omad. Was wondering if anyone here has tried doing both combined? I'm going to start next month and see if I like it.
I don't see it being a problem, as long as you're still eating healthy with the carnivore diet you should be fine.

Omad doesn't just follow one set rule. You can do your own style of omad. If you want a carnivore style diet meal, you can do that.
Sure you can do a carnivore style diet on omad. Just keep in mind that healthier diets get better results, but if the carnivore diet works and helps you lose weight, it should be fine to do under omad.
Carnivore is ok but don't forget to still include vegetables but I think you should learn the proper way of eating these like what to eat first. I don't know much but I've heard that knowing these will help you what way will be more beneficial fir your body.
There are two options, eat healthy with omad or eat whatever you want in your hour window. It is of course better to eat healthy during your one meal, but eating somewhat bad is okay as long as you're still eating somewhat healthy.

The carnivore diet should be safe to do while on omad. Just make sure you check the nutrition facts for what you eat.
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