Carb Cycling on Omad? Does anyone do this?

I do! I love carb cycling, it's a sustainable way for me to eat what I want and still lose weight. I work out 5-6 days a week, HIIT and strength training. HIIT on my low carb days and strength training on my high carb days. I'm actually focused on maintaining now as I've more or less reached my goal weight
I have read about carb-cycling, but not actually deliberately tried to eat that way. If a person is just doing a straight OMAD , where you eat whatever you want in your meal, then this would be a simple thing to implement.
Since a person who eats carbs and is overweight triggers something like 5 times as much insulin as someone who is not insulin-sensitive, then I can see that being very low carb every other day would probably work better than just having carbs every day.
Carb cycling with omad can be very effective from what I've read with others. I can't do it because I'm addicted to carbs.
Personally, carbs are why I do OMAD. I didn't wanna give up the foods I love. OMAD allows me to eat what I want (within reason, mostly) and still lose weight.
Explain more about the carb cycling...adding in our taking out? and how often? I would eventually like to incorporate this as I'm not convinced it is healthy for the long haul.
Explain more about the carb cycling...adding in our taking out? and how often? I would eventually like to incorporate this as I'm not convinced it is healthy for the long haul.

There are different variations of carb cycling but I'd almost consider just taking a break from with moderate carbs if that's your intention. Sometimes a break can be good.
I can’t. If I get into refined carbs my loss will stall out. I think it’s more based on how close you are to your goal— once you get down there your loss comes slowly and you might need to cut back more to keep that scale moving. For me, that means carbs.
Thanks for these comments I was worried that if I want to loose means no carbs. One of the reasons I've chosen omad is because I'm tired of counting calories, counting carbs, worrying about what to eat and what not to eat. I'm on week 1 and find it easy to fast 23 hours but when my window opens I eat whatever I want. I do try to make good choices but I do eat carbs. I'm not going to weigh myself for a couple of weeks but sure am grateful for the carb eaters that r still losing weight.
I have seen people saying that they eat all they want of just about anything, and are still losing weight; but that doesn’t seem to work for everyone. Other people in the OMAD facebook group have said that unless they limit carbs that they are hungry all of the time, and have trouble losing weight.
Possibly, insulin sensitivity might have something to do with this.
I read that if two people eat the exact same food, the insulin-sensitive person will secrete about 5 times as much insulin as the other person. So, the person who is not sensitive to insulin, will produce just enough insulin to digest the food, and life goes on.
The insulin sensitive person, on the other hand gains weight because insulin is the fat-storing hormone, and then they are hungry again soon because all of that extra insulin has lowered their blood sugar and made them need food again, even though the last food has not been digested.
I haven’t plateaued yet so I’m still doing OMAD with no restrictions. However, I know it’s bound to happen so I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve: extending the fast to 48 hrs occasionally, cleaning up what I eat (reducing carbs), adding resistance to my workouts (I currently do 20 min cardio HIIT 3-4 times per week), supplementing with ACV, etc.

I like the idea of carb cycling.